Indigenous Rights
Guatemala’s growing palm oil industry fuels Indigenous land fight
The Guatemalan palm oil industry, world’s six largest, faces resistance from Indigenous people demanding land rights.
15 Oct 2021
Jacinda Ardern’s COVID stumble may cost Maori lives
New Zealand should not abandon its COVID elimination strategy while Maori vaccination rates remain low.
Aaron Smale
15 Oct 2021
Chile declares state of emergency over Mapuche conflict
President Sebastian Pinera says troops are being sent to two southern regions hit by recent acts of violence.
12 Oct 2021
Meet the Indigenous artists rapping for change in Colombia
Embera Indigenous rappers hope music will raise awareness of mass displacement, poor living conditions in the country.
11 Oct 2021
Biden is first US president to mark Indigenous Peoples’ Day
In Indigenous Peoples’ Day proclamation, Biden says he recommits to respecting Indigenous sovereignty and human rights.
8 Oct 2021
‘All things have a spirit. Everything has a soul’
No longer forced to assimilate, Taiwan’s Indigenous people are reconnecting with their culture.
1 Oct 2021
Racism contributed to Indigenous woman’s death in Canada: Coroner
Joyce Echaquan’s death in Quebec hospital last year after staff hurled racist insults at her sparked nationwide outcry.
1 Oct 2021
Canada court upholds Indigenous child compensation order
Court upholds decision ordering Canada to compensate Indigenous children discriminated against in provision of services.
29 Sep 2021
Canada’s Catholic bishops sorry for abuses of Indigenous children
Decision falls short of the recommendation from Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Pope to apologise.
25 Sep 2021
Brazil’s top court shelves Indigenous land case, no new date set
Indigenous groups say Brazilian Supreme Court decision will be critical as they seek to defend ancestral land rights.
15 Sep 2021
Indigenous leaders urge action as Canada’s election nears
Rights and priorities of First Nations, Inuit and Metis people have mostly taken a backseat during election campaign.
15 Sep 2021
How ultimate frisbee is blurring ethnic divides in India’s Assam
More than 4,000 players pursue sport in Chirang district, which has a long history of armed rebellion and instability.
14 Sep 2021
Canada election: Experts urge ‘bolder’ action amid climate crisis
Nearly a fifth of Canadians say climate change is top election issue. Are political parties taking it seriously enough?
11 Sep 2021
Australia’s Indigenous ask UN to review cultural heritage bill
Move follows redrafting of legislation after mining company Rio Tinto destroyed a 46,000-year-old sacred site in west.
8 Sep 2021
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