Indian comic: ‘My name is Munawar Faruqui… I’m done, Goodbye’
Munawar Faruqui announces retirement after right-wing Hindu groups force cancellation of nearly 12 shows in two months.
29 Nov 2021
India’s Hindu hardliners attack Muslim ex-foreign minister’s home
Salman Khurshid published a book last month in which he compared Hindu nationalists to ‘extremist groups’ such as ISIL.
16 Nov 2021
Hollywood Orientalism is not about the Arab world
It is about the American world.
Hamid Dabashi
10 Nov 2021
Muslims barred from Friday prayer sites in India’s Gurgaon
Hindu right-wing groups hold religious event at public ground where city’s Muslims usually offered prayers every week.
5 Nov 2021
‘We don’t sleep at night these days’: India’s Tripura on the edge
Locals allege more than a dozen mosques vandalised in apparent retaliation to anti-Hindu violence in Bangladesh.
5 Nov 2021
‘Skin them alive’: Kashmir BJP politician booked for hate speech
In viral video, ex-BJP legislator purportedly calls for violence against Kashmiris who support Pakistani cricket team.
2 Nov 2021
USCIRF chief on why India was put on religious freedom blacklist
US Commission on International Religious Freedom chair Nadine Maenza on deteriorating religious freedom in India.
28 Oct 2021
Hate campaign in India against Urdu for being a ‘Muslim’ language
Hindu nationalist groups target Indian-born language after clothing brand’s Diwali advertisement features Urdu words.
27 Oct 2021
Facebook failing to check hate speech, fake news in India: Report
Leaked documents show social media company is selective in curbing inflammatory posts, particularly anti-Muslim content.
25 Oct 2021
‘To dehumanise, terrorise us’: Muslims evicted in India’s Assam
A fortnight after their eviction, residents live cramped in shanties propped up with whatever is left of their homes.
12 Oct 2021
Afghans are the next victims of Italy’s war on refugees
Italy has been hit by a new wave of xenophobic upheaval.
Belen Fernandez
12 Oct 2021
‘Shown their place’: Muslim livelihoods under attack in India
Experts say rising attacks on Muslim vendors and businesses by Hindu supremacist groups point to a worrying trend.
27 Sep 2021
Harris to Modi: ‘Incumbent on our nations to protect democracies’
US vice president’s remarks mark a subtle change from Trump administration’s approach towards the Indian leader.
24 Sep 2021
Indian Americans protest outside White House over Modi’s visit
Protesters call on Biden administration to hold Indian leader accountable for rights violations and religious freedom.
24 Sep 2021
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