Khalifa Haftar
Libya parliament adopts law on legislative elections
The new law comes before a planned national vote set for December 24 under a UN-led peace process for Libya.
4 Oct 2021
Libya’s Haftar stands down from military role before polls
Libyan media said move paves way for Haftar to run for president under controversial new law.
22 Sep 2021
Libya’s parliament passes no-confidence vote in unity government
In a new blow to UN-backed peace efforts, 89 MPs in Libya’s eastern-based parliament voted to withdraw confidence.
21 Sep 2021
Egypt’s el-Sisi backs December elections in Libya
Egyptian president holds talks with Libya’s interim prime minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, days after Haftar meeting.
16 Sep 2021
Worst Tripoli fighting in a year tests Libya ceasefire
Fighting between rival armed forces poses challenge to the unity government as it struggles to conduct December polls.
3 Sep 2021
Libya’s foreign minister says December polls could be delayed
Najla al-Mangoush says the government is doing everything in its power to hold the vote but challenges persist.
1 Sep 2021
World powers meet in Berlin to discuss Libya crisis
Presence of foreign mercenaries, troops in war-torn country and elections to top meeting’s agenda.
23 Jun 2021
Libya: Military movements banned after Haftar’s border takeover
The statement came after forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar said they have taken control of a border crossing with Algeria.
20 Jun 2021
Will Libya commander Haftar run in December’s election?
Renegade military commander is holding rallies and polishing his image ahead of polls, according to Libya observers.
29 May 2021
Libya’s PM ‘hopeful’ foreign mercenaries will withdraw soon
Libyan PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibah speaks to Al Jazeera about reconciliation, elections, and renegade general Khalifa Haftar.
5 May 2021
Libya’s top diplomat calls on Turkey to withdraw foreign fighters
Foreign Minister Najla al-Manqoush urges Turkey to comply with UN resolutions, expel foreign fighters from Libya.
3 May 2021
‘Sham’ Libya trials sentenced 22 to death: Rights group
Amnesty International says death sentences in eastern Libya were politically motivated, aimed at punishing opponents.
26 Apr 2021
Libya: Armed Haftar supporters prevent PM’s first meeting in east
PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh’s trip to Benghazi planned for Monday called off after gunmen stop delegation at the airport.
26 Apr 2021
Libyan authorities free dozens of pro-Haftar fighters
Some 105 freed prisoners believed to have earlier surrendered peacefully during Haftar’s campaign to take over Tripoli.
31 Mar 2021
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