Labour Rights
US Kellogg employees strike as contract negotiations fail
A union representative says Kellogg has threatened to send additional jobs to Mexico if workers do not accept its terms.
6 Oct 2021
South African car industry fears impact as union starts strike
Largest South African metalworkers union calls an indefinite strike after salary talks with employer bodies fail.
5 Oct 2021
Starbucks pushes back against US workers’ cafe-by-cafe union vote
Employees at three Starbucks locations in the Buffalo, New York area have petitioned to join Workers United.
23 Sep 2021
Qatar rejects Amnesty report on ‘unexplained’ labourer deaths
Rights group calls on Qatar to do more to probe worker deaths, alleging that many fatalities had gone unexplained.
26 Aug 2021
GM workers in Mexico reject union in win for US free trade pact
A previous vote at the GM plant in Silao in April was thrown out after Mexico found irregularities in the election.
19 Aug 2021
Cambodia jails union leader for two years for ‘incitement’
Court hands maximum term to Rong Chhun who was arrested after raising concerns about land rights on the eastern border.
18 Aug 2021
Cambodia union leader faces court verdict as crackdown continues
Rong Chhun is accused of ‘incitement’ and faces up to two years in prison if convicted.
17 Aug 2021
Three US unions pull out of consumer group over Amazon funding
Three major US workers’ unions announced they were resigning from the board of the National Consumers League.
13 Aug 2021
As pandemic drags on, Latin American women lose even more ground
The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to worsen existing gender gaps and erase progress made by Latin American women workers.
11 Aug 2021
Contractors used by US companies in Afghanistan stuck in Dubai
Foreign workers trying to get back to home countries are stuck in limbo at hotels across Dubai due to the pandemic.
9 Aug 2021
AFL-CIO President Trumka, prominent US labour leader, dies at 72
Former coal miner, campaigner for workers’ rights, led federation of labour unions representing 12.5 million US workers.
5 Aug 2021
US labour official says Amazon union vote should be redone
The union has accused Amazon of illegally threatening staff with reduced benefits, compromising election’s integrity.
3 Aug 2021
‘What choice do we have?’ US farm workers battle deadly heatwave
As high temperatures engulf the West Coast of the US, farm workers must often choose between wages and their health.
15 Jul 2021
A long way from home: The child ‘house helpers’ of Nigeria
Hundreds of underage girls work as domestic help in cities across Nigeria.
15 Jul 2021
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