How Mecca has changed over the past 100 years
Al Jazeera takes you on a virtual tour of Islam’s holiest site – the Grand Mosque of Mecca.
15 Jul 2021
Map: Tracking the Delta variant
The Delta variant of the new coronavirus, first identified in India, has now been detected in more than 100 countries.
7 Jul 2021
Mapping the hottest temperatures around the world
From 49.6C in Canada to 53.2C in Kuwait, Al Jazeera looks at where the hottest places are on Earth.
1 Jul 2021
Infographic: The global COVID vaccine divide
Fewer than one percent of people in low-income countries have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose.
23 Jun 2021
Visualising 70 years of refugee journeys
On World Refugee Day, Al Jazeera looks at the painful journeys refugees were forced on in 2020 despite global pandemic.
20 Jun 2021
Infographic: What you need to know about Israel’s military
A longtime recipient of US military aid, Israel has developed a domestic arms industry and become a key global supplier.
4 Jun 2021
How many people have been killed by US police since George Floyd?
At least 1,068 people have been killed by police since the death of the unarmed Black man a year ago.
25 May 2021
Mapping Gaza: Schools, hospitals, refugee camps and more
Al Jazeera takes you on a tour of key locations across the densely populated Gaza Strip.
21 May 2021
Mapping Israeli occupation
Thirteen maps explain how Israel’s military control over the Palestinian people affects every aspect of their lives.
18 May 2021
Mapping Palestinian solidarity protests around the world
Hundreds of thousands of people from over 150 cities have participated in protests in solidarity with Palestinians.
17 May 2021
Afghanistan: Visualising the impact of 20 years of war
We break down the latest figures in nine graphics to show the impact of 20 years of war on the people.
10 May 2021
Visualising chemical weapon attacks in the Middle East
Over the past decade, all recorded incidents of chemical weapon attacks in war have been in Syria.
29 Apr 2021
Infographic: The most valuable football clubs in the world
The world’s richest football clubs are all European, with the top 20 teams worth more than $45bn.
22 Apr 2021
Ramadan 2021: Fasting hours around the world
Muslims living in the Northern Hemisphere will have a shorter fast this year.
7 Apr 2021
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