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Mental Health
Man who drove through crowd in Times Square found not re­spon­si­ble
Richard Ro­jas, who drove his car through crowds dur­ing a 2017 psy­chot­ic episode, qual­i­fies for ‘men­tal com­mit­ment’.
22 Jun 2022
The mys­ti­fy­ing rise of sui­cide in Pak­istan’s Thar Desert
Sui­cides have spiked dra­mat­i­cal­ly in the his­tor­i­cal­ly re­mote re­gion. Is break­neck so­cial change to blame?
19 Jun 2022
Cana­da’s BC moves to de­crim­i­nalise small amounts of il­lic­it drugs
West­ern­most province of British Co­lum­bia says move, the first of its kind in Cana­da, aims to help tack­le opi­oid cri­sis.
31 May 2022
WHO mem­ber states slam Russ­ian at­tacks on Ukraine health sites
The WHO res­o­lu­tion states the war has se­ri­ous­ly im­ped­ed ac­cess to health­care in Ukraine, and has re­gion­al im­pli­ca­tions.
26 May 2022
As US reach­es one mil­lion COVID deaths, how are Amer­i­cans cop­ing?
The tor­rent of coro­n­avirus deaths, along with pro­longed so­cial iso­la­tion and fi­nan­cial hard­ship, have trau­ma­tised many.
17 May 2022
How we re­mem­ber them: My grand­moth­er’s shirt
‘In my clos­et, I have a shirt that once be­longed to my grand­moth­er… When I’m an old woman, I should like to wear it.’
12 May 2022
From: Fault Lines
A Tox­ic Feed: So­cial me­dia and teen men­tal health
Fault Lines in­ves­ti­gates whether so­cial me­dia ex­ac­er­bates Amer­i­ca’s youth men­tal health cri­sis.
4 May 2022
‘Only the dead feel no guilt’: Ukrain­ian refugees on sur­viv­ing
Sur­vivor’s guilt is a com­mon re­ac­tion to war, ex­perts say, as Ukrain­ian refugees con­front feel­ings of shame.
6 Apr 2022
Medics bring health­care and hope to Ukraini­ans flee­ing war
Dr Khan trav­elled to the Poland-Ukraine bor­der where thou­sands of refugees have fled Rus­sia’s in­va­sion.
5 Apr 2022
How is the Ukraine war af­fect­ing chil­dren’s men­tal health?
The con­se­quences of this con­flict are like­ly to be felt for years to come. Here is what to look out for and how to help.
31 Mar 2022
Can COVID make your brain shrink?
A study has re­vealed changes in sev­er­al parts of the brains of peo­ple who con­tract­ed COVID.
24 Mar 2022
The pro­found per­ma­nence of parental grief
On the an­niver­sary of her child’s death, a moth­er re­flects on five years of miss­ing her daugh­ter.
22 Mar 2022
From: UpFront
Has the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic caused a col­lec­tive trau­ma?
‘Peo­ple have al­ready been trau­ma­tised, and then un­der the stress of COVID, that trau­ma is be­ing ex­pressed.’
18 Mar 2022
From: UpFront
Why are health­care work­ers leav­ing the UK’s NHS?
‘Why wouldn’t you strength­en your only line of de­fence against a dead­ly pan­dem­ic?’
18 Mar 2022
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