Top US military general holds talks with Russian counterpart
General Milley meets with Russia General Gerasimov in Finland for six hours amid US push for Central Asia bases.
22 Sep 2021
Infographic: Are nuclear submarines better?
Submarines can either be diesel-electric or nuclear-powered, both types can carry nuclear warheads.
21 Sep 2021
UK data breach puts hundreds of Afghan interpreters ‘at risk’
Error exposes email addresses of more than 250 people who worked with British forces, officials in Afghanistan.
21 Sep 2021
Sudanese officials say coup attempt has failed
Government officials blame the attempt on allies of the former President Omar al-Bashir, who was deposed in 2019.
21 Sep 2021
Germany’s post-Merkel Middle East policy: What to expect
Under Merkel, Germany exported arms to the Middle East, strengthened relations with Israel and welcomed many refugees.
20 Sep 2021
French defence minister ‘postpones’ UK talks as Aukus row deepens
Florence Parly pulls out of meeting with UK counterpart as Paris continues to vent fury over new security pact.
20 Sep 2021
N Korea says US-Australia submarine deal ‘extremely undesirable’
Pyongyang warns ‘dangerous’ agreement could trigger ‘chain reaction of arms races’.
20 Sep 2021
Explainer: Why is a submarine deal sparking a diplomatic crisis?
Australia’s move to ditch a submarine deal has spiralled into an unprecedented diplomatic row between Western allies.
19 Sep 2021
Indonesia police kill ISIL-linked leader in Sulawesi shoot-out
Ali Kalora of East Indonesia Mujahideen was one of two killed in Indonesia’s continuing crackdown on hardline groups.
19 Sep 2021
Satellite images show N Korea expanding Yongbyon nuclear facility
Photos suggest expanded enrichment plant could increase production of weapons-grade plutonium by as much as 25 percent.
19 Sep 2021
France accuses Australia, US of ‘lying’ over submarine deal
Foreign minister says unprecedented recalling of envoys ‘very symbolic’ act after scrapping of submarines contract.
18 Sep 2021
China enters Taiwan air defence zone a day after army budget rise
Taiwan sent combat aircraft to warn away the Chinese aircraft, while missile systems were deployed to monitor them.
18 Sep 2021
Drone attack killed 10 civilians in Kabul, US acknowledges
Top US general offers apology and says it is ‘unlikely’ that those killed in Afghanistan were associated with ISKP.
17 Sep 2021
From: Inside Story
Can a new alliance in the Asia Pacific deter China?
The US, Australia and UK have announced a major defence agreement in the Asia Pacific.
17 Sep 2021
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