US Senate pushes ahead with $1 trillion infrastructure bill
The largest US infrastructure investment in decades, the bill’s passage would be a key victory for President Joe Biden.
2 Aug 2021
EU sanctions 8 Nicaraguan officials amid wide-reaching crackdown
Sanctions target VP Rosario Murillo, wife of President Ortega, and seven others for ‘serious human rights violations’.
2 Aug 2021
Brazil judges push back against Bolsonaro’s election fraud claims
Brazilian electoral system is free of fraud, group of 18 justices says, amid president’s push to change voting process.
2 Aug 2021
Why Turkey wants to be in charge of securing Kabul airport
Ankara has a lot to gain from remaining a key player in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal.
Abdul Basit|Zahid Shahab Ahmed

2 Aug 2021
Malaysia deploys riot police as MPs attempt march to parliament
Monday’s session cancelled over COVID infections, the fragile government is under pressure over its handling of COVID.
2 Aug 2021
Peru’s new FM aims to retain central bank head, calm markets
The former World Bank economist, sworn in Friday, offers a counterbalance to Peru’s newly appointed left-wing gov’t.
2 Aug 2021
Can Iran’s new President Raisi fix a deeply troubled economy?
Iran’s economy has been crippled by US sanctions and decades-long structural issues.
2 Aug 2021
Looming US evictions spur growing concerns, calls for action
US-wide moratorium on rental evictions expired at midnight on Saturday, threatening to push millions into the streets.
1 Aug 2021
Bolsonaro supporters rally for change to Brazil’s voting system
Under mounting pressure ahead of 2022 election, President Jair Bolsonaro wants receipts printed after electronic votes.
1 Aug 2021
Mexico holds referendum on whether to investigate ex-presidents
Amid expectations of low turnout, critics slam vote promoted by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as unnecessary.
1 Aug 2021
Ismail Haniya re-elected as leader of Palestinian group Hamas
Haniya, Hamas chief since 2017, re-elected for four-year term following an unopposed internal election by party members.
1 Aug 2021
‘They are a failed coup and a failed regime’
In Myanmar, generals who seized power and the shadow government of deposed legislators are jostling for UN credentials.
1 Aug 2021
How Netanyahu plans to bring down Israel’s new government
Analysts say ex-Israeli PM, removed in June after a 12-year tenure, is using a raft of tactics to undermine the gov’t.
31 Jul 2021
From: Counting the Cost
It’s not just the pandemic: Why Sri Lanka’s economy is in crisis
Colombo avoids a debt default, but it’s fast running out of money to pay for imports. Will the IMF provide a bailout?
31 Jul 2021
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