Google locks Afghan gov’t emails to keep from Taliban: Report
Gov’t databases, emails could give details on employees of the former administration, contractors, allies, Reuters said.
6 Sep 2021
WhatsApp fined $266M by EU privacy watchdog over data breach
Ireland’s Data Protection Commission found violations in the way WhatsApp explained how it processed users’ data.
2 Sep 2021
The secret cameras recording women in Spain
In 2019, some women were secretly recorded urinating and posted on porn websites. Now, the women are seeking justice.
23 Aug 2021
From: The Bottom Line
Can anything be done to stop our phones from spying on us?
The end of privacy: A global investigation exposes the scope and danger posed by Israeli spyware Pegasus.
5 Aug 2021
From: The Listening Post
Pegasus: Flying on the wings of Israeli ‘cyber-tech diplomacy’?
What role did Israel play in the spread of an insidious piece of malware? Plus, PR companies and controversial states.
31 Jul 2021
Chinese stocks pare losses as state media try to stem panic
The wobbly trade in Chinese markets came as state-owned securities newspaper urged calm Wednesday and talked up markets.
28 Jul 2021
Private equity firms in China ‘waiting for death’ after new rules
The severity of the new rules could kill many companies and block the exits of investors.
27 Jul 2021
Investors in China’s $100bn private education business are stuck
For now, investors are stuck between marking down their portfolios drastically or getting battered in a sell-off.
26 Jul 2021
New rules have China private education firms bracing for a hit
Changes sent shockwaves across China’s $120bn private tutoring sector, leading to a huge sell-off in listed firms.
26 Jul 2021
India’s DNA data law could harm minorities, hurt privacy: Experts
Privacy advocates fear the sensitive data can be misused for caste-based or community profiling.
23 Jul 2021
‘Shameful’: Mexican president decries alleged NSO spying
Some 15,000 Mexican cellphones appeared on the leaked list of surveillance, at least 50 people close to president.
20 Jul 2021
WhatsApp blocks 2 million India users over ‘spam message abuses’
Company makes the disclosure while filing first compliance report under India’s controversial new social media rules.
16 Jul 2021
China’s tech giants have wiped out $823bn, and it’s not over yet
Drop in valuations offers a rare opportunity to buy some fast-growing internet companies at highly attractive prices.
7 Jul 2021
Ride-hailing app Didi’s saga shows Beijing wants full control
China wants control over the vast amounts of sensitive data that Didi collects from half a billion annual active users.
6 Jul 2021
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