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US un­veils new steps, re­sources to tack­le ris­ing hate crimes
At­tor­ney gen­er­al an­nounces new mea­sures to raise aware­ness, as well as pre­vent and ad­dress hate crimes in US.
20 May 2022
Great Re­place­ment: The con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry stok­ing racist vi­o­lence
Roots of white su­prema­cist con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry are not new, but ex­perts say ‘great re­place­ment’ has be­come main­stream.
18 May 2022
Af­ter racist shoot­ing in Buf­fa­lo, po­lice search for warn­ing signs
A white male who opened fire at a mar­ket in a Black neigh­bour­hood, killing 10, had planned a big­ger at­tack.
16 May 2022
US po­lice re­lease name of of­fi­cer who fa­tal­ly shot Patrick Ly­oya
Ly­oya’s fam­i­ly and sup­port­ers de­mand­ed the of­fi­cer, Christo­pher Schurr, be named pub­licly and face crim­i­nal charges.
25 Apr 2022
Pan-African­ism is the panacea to the West’s sys­temic racism
Africa can con­tribute much to the African Amer­i­can agen­da and vice-ver­sa.
Tafi Mha­ka
21 Apr 2022
Swe­den sus­pects ‘for­eign ac­tors’ be­hind ri­ots over Quran burn­ing
A to­tal of 26 po­lice of­fi­cers and 14 oth­ers were wound­ed in the ri­ots and 20 ve­hi­cles de­stroyed or dam­aged.
20 Apr 2022
Swe­den ri­ots over Quran burn­ing: What is hap­pen­ing?
At least 40 peo­ple were in­jured af­ter days of vi­o­lence dur­ing protests over the planned pub­lic Quran burn­ing.
19 Apr 2022
‘An ex­e­cu­tion’: Patrick Ly­oya’s fam­i­ly de­mands jus­tice
A po­lice of­fi­cer in the US state of Michi­gan fa­tal­ly shot Ly­oya, 26, in the head dur­ing a traf­fic stop this month.
14 Apr 2022
US po­lice re­lease videos of of­fi­cer fa­tal­ly shoot­ing Black man
Fam­i­ly of Patrick Ly­oya de­mands jus­tice af­ter the 26-year-old was shot dead by a Michi­gan of­fi­cer this month.
13 Apr 2022
Sys­temic racism hold­ing back Black Amer­i­cans: Civ­il rights group
Na­tion­al Ur­ban League says me­di­an house­hold in­come for Black peo­ple in US is 37 per­cent low­er than that of white peo­ple.
12 Apr 2022
Judge Brown Jack­son and Amer­i­ca’s mo­ment of racial reck­on­ing
The at­tacks Judge Jack­son faced dur­ing her con­fir­ma­tion were only the lat­est proof that race still mat­ters in the US.
Sa­har Aziz
7 Apr 2022
A Supreme Court con­fir­ma­tion and the imag­i­nary en­e­mies of the GOP
What do the lines of at­tack used against Judge Ke­tan­ji Brown Jack­son re­veal about the Re­pub­li­can Par­ty?
Christo­pher Rhodes
6 Apr 2022
Hi­jab bans in In­dia: Where com­mu­nal­ism and pa­tri­archy in­ter­sect
Why does In­dia’s Hin­du right refuse to be­lieve Mus­lim women when they say the hi­jab is not a sign of op­pres­sion?
Sanya Dhin­gra
24 Mar 2022
Amid Ukraine war, all things Rus­sia met with scorn, back­lash
Russ­ian com­mu­ni­ty groups and Rus­sia-re­lat­ed busi­ness­es abroad say they have faced threats amid Moscow’s dead­ly in­va­sion.
18 Mar 2022
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