Belarus set up fake accounts to inflame migrants: Facebook’s Meta
Meta report says the Belarusian KGB set up dozens of fake accounts to stir up migrant crisis on the border with Poland.
2 Dec 2021
EU proposes scaling back asylum rights for arrivals from Belarus
EU Commission pushes for Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to have more time to weigh asylum claims amid migration crisis.
1 Dec 2021
‘This is a new wave’: Hundreds of Cubans seek refuge in Greece
Cubans say having fled economic crisis at home, applying for asylum in Greece fraught with challenges.
30 Nov 2021
UK seeks ‘urgent’ migration talks with Europe after French snub
UK Home Secretary Priti Patel urges joint action after France withdraws invitation to discuss Channel refugee crisis.
28 Nov 2021
From: Inside Story
Who is to blame for refugee tragedy in Calais?
France and the UK criticise each other for the deaths of dozens trying to cross the English Channel.
26 Nov 2021
The West African returnees using film to flip script on migration
This year’s IOM Global Migration Film Festival highlights the work of returnees exploring the complexities of migration.
26 Nov 2021
Channel refugee tragedy tests fragile French-UK ties, fuels fears
French President Macron has slammed Britain’s Boris Johnson over his handling of the crisis while NGOs raise alarm.
26 Nov 2021
Europe’s ‘last dictator’: Who is Belarus’s Alexander Lukashenko?
A brief history of the country’s first and only president accused of masterminding a new migration crisis.
25 Nov 2021
Thailand refugee deportations trigger condemnation, defiance
Thailand has returned a number of Cambodian opposition activists in a move condemned by the UN refugee agency.
24 Nov 2021
Belarus says more than 100 refugees flown home
Minsk claims further repatriation flights will take place on Tuesday as the border crisis rumbles on.
23 Nov 2021
‘I was handcuffed to a guy who had murdered two people’
Sean Binder recounts his ordeal as one of several activists facing charges relating to refugee rescue work in Greece.
23 Nov 2021
Lukashenko warns against flare-up with Poland over border crisis
Belarusian president calls for European powers to work with Minsk but Berlin rejects proposal to take in 2,000 people.
22 Nov 2021
The devastating ways women suffer at the Poland-Belarus border
Women refugees say they have miscarried, been separated from their children by border guards, and been hospitalised.
22 Nov 2021
Poland says Belarus still bringing migrants to its border
Polish border guard said Belarusian servicemen brought about 100 migrants and refugees to its frontier Saturday night.
21 Nov 2021
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