Bangladesh resumes moving more Rohingya to flood-prone island
Over 2,000 Rohingya set to be transferred to Bhashan Char island in Bay of Bengal, amid claims of forced relocations.
25 Nov 2021
Rohingya in Bangladesh camps fear both the police and ARSA
Refugees say they are caught in the middle of alleged police ‘atrocities’ and violence by an armed community group.
12 Nov 2021
Attacks on civilians in Myanmar ‘crimes against humanity’: UN
UN finds evidence of systematic attack on civilians ‘amounting to crimes against humanity’ in Myanmar since the coup.
6 Nov 2021
Seven killed in Rohingya refugee camp attack: Bangladesh police
Police say at least seven people killed in attack on Islamic seminary in refugee camp on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.
22 Oct 2021
No free movement clause in UN deal for Rohingya on island: Report
Leaked copy of agreement shows it offers no guarantee refugees will be allowed to move freely to mainland Bangladesh.
15 Oct 2021
UN, Bangladesh sign deal to aid Rohingya relocated to island
Authorities said another 81,000 refugees would be relocated to the remote Bhasan Char island over next three months.
11 Oct 2021
Rights groups urge full probe into Rohingya leader’s killing
Mohibullah, a prominent Rohingya leader, was killed this week at world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh.
2 Oct 2021
Prominent Rohingya leader shot dead in Bangladesh refugee camp
Rights groups call for urgent investigation after Mohibullah shot dead outside his office.
29 Sep 2021
US judge orders Facebook to release anti-Rohingya account records
Gambia is seeking the records as part of a genocide case against Myanmar over the brutal 2017 crackdown on the Rohingya.
23 Sep 2021
It is past time to call the violence against Rohingya genocide
The US and the international community have to officially declare the events of August 2017 genocide.
Myra Dahgaypaw
25 Aug 2021
Four years on, Rohingya stuck in Bangladesh camps yearn for home
Four years after 750,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar military offensive, many see no hope of returning to their homeland.
25 Aug 2021
2020 was ‘deadliest’ year ever for Rohingya sea journeys: UNHCR
Refugee agency says Andaman Sea crossing was eight times more deadly than in 2019 as borders were closed.
20 Aug 2021
Dozens of Rohingya refugees missing as boat sinks off Bangladesh
At least 27 missing after boat sinks during attempt to escape Bangladeshi island camp criticised by rights groups.
14 Aug 2021
Bangladesh begins COVID vaccination drive for Rohingya refugees
Officials say more than 65,000 of the nearly 900,000 refugees will be vaccinated in the first round of the campaign.
10 Aug 2021
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