Iranian warship fends off pirate attack in Gulf of Aden
Pirates on five boats attacked two Iranian oil tankers but were repelled by army vessels, authorities said.
17 Oct 2021
Shanghai halts some traffic at port, airport amid Typhoon Chanthu
The halt is likely to further damage global supply chains, which are already struggling with COVID-19-related delays.
13 Sep 2021
From: Counting the Cost
Do China’s ambitions in Indian Ocean go beyond protecting trade?
China has built ports in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Can India counter Beijing’s economic diplomacy?
4 Sep 2021
From a factory in China to a supplier in Chicago
A stuck box of fertiliser captures the global supply chain crisis, which is preventing economic activity, hiking costs.
30 Aug 2021
Megaship that blocked Suez crosses canal again
Taiwanese-operated vessel steamed out of the Suez last month after the owners reached a compensation deal with Egypt.
21 Aug 2021
China port congestion worsens as ships divert away from Ningbo
The shipping industry has been plagued by recent disruptions, which have driven freight rates to record highs.
18 Aug 2021
Is China’s port closure a canary in a COVID mine?
Fears are growing the fast-spreading Delta variant could trigger a repeat of last year’s shipping nightmares.
13 Aug 2021
China shuts terminal at world’s 3rd busiest port after COVID case
Closure is raising fears of further strains on shipping and price increases for goods, which could fuel inflation.
12 Aug 2021
G7: Iran behind tanker attack, ‘threatens international peace’
Tehran denies being behind drone attack against Israel-linked tanker, but G7 says ‘evidence clearly points to Iran’.
6 Aug 2021
UK agency says hijackers left ship off UAE coast
Incident was initially reported as a ‘potential hijack’ amid heightened tensions around the Strait of Hormuz.
3 Aug 2021
UK summons Iranian ambassador over oil tanker attack
Diplomatic row over attack on MV Mercer Street escalates as Iran warns it is ready to respond to any security threats.
2 Aug 2021
Two crew killed in attack on Israeli-managed tanker off Oman
Zodiac Maritime says the incident involved Mercer Street, a Japanese-owned, Liberian-flagged oil tanker.
30 Jul 2021
From: NewsFeed
Ever Given, ship that blocked Suez Canal, released after 106 days
Its release comes after an undisclosed settlement between the Suez Canal Authority and the ship’s Japanese owner.
8 Jul 2021
Ship Ever Given that blocked Suez Canal released
The Ever Given left the canal’s Great Bitter Lake where it was held for three months amid a financial dispute.
7 Jul 2021
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