Space tourists come back to Earth after three days in orbit
The Elon Musk-developed spacecraft splashed down in calm seas off Florida on Saturday evening.
19 Sep 2021
Chinese astronauts return after 90-day mission to space station
Shenzhou-12 mission carrying three Chinese men landed safely in Inner Mongolia in northern China.
17 Sep 2021
In Pictures: SpaceX launches amateur crew on Earth-circling trip
First private SpaceX flight reaches orbit with two contest winners, a healthcare worker and their rich sponsor on board.
16 Sep 2021
First all-civilian crew bound for orbit launches aboard SpaceX
Flight marks the debut of SpaceX owner Elon Musk’s new orbital tourism business, tickets for crew reportedly cost $200m.
16 Sep 2021
First all-civilian space crew set to blast off on SpaceX rocket
It is the first time in 60 years of human spaceflight that no professional astronaut is aboard an orbit-bound rocket.
15 Sep 2021
Fire alarms sound at International Space Station
Alarms went off in the Russian segment of the ISS during recharging of station’s batteries, Russia’s space agency said.
9 Sep 2021
State of Russia’s ISS segment sparks safety concerns
Chief engineer of the Energia rocket and space corporation says most inflight systems have reached end of service.
31 Aug 2021
How stars live and die: Kepler captures rare supernova blast
Ground-breaking data from space telescope comes three years after it was decommissioned in 2018 when it ran out of fuel.
28 Aug 2021
Robot, plants to blast off on upcoming SpaceX mission to ISS
The experiments on the latest SpaceX supply mission probe everything from bone and eye health to robot dexterity.
23 Aug 2021
Branson’s Virgin Orbit to go public in Boeing-backed SPAC deal
The reverse merger with NextGen Acquisition Corp II will value the satellite-launch company at $3.2bn.
23 Aug 2021
Lost time in space: Boeing Starliner launch faces another delay
The United States aerospace firm has faced multiple delays in getting its Starliner capsule up and running.
13 Aug 2021
Peter Beck, the New Zealand Elon Musk, on living his space dreams
Rocket Lab’s founder talks to Al Jazeera about moon shots, deep space exploration and overcoming dream crushers.
9 Aug 2021
Boeing’s crucial second Starliner flight test delayed again
Tuesday marked the second delay for the crucial demonstration mission for Boeing’s astronaut taxi.
3 Aug 2021
Russian space module mishap knocks ISS out of position
Flight controllers forced to reorient space station after jet thrusters on research module fire after docking.
30 Jul 2021
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