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Trade War
US ac­cus­es Chi­na of fail­ing to meet free-trade agree­ments
The Unit­ed States says Chi­na isn’t keep­ing the promis­es it made to open its mar­kets to for­eign com­pe­ti­tion.
16 Feb 2022
EU files a WTO case against Chi­na for tar­get­ing Lithua­nia
Bei­jing re­sponds harsh­ly to the move, which the EU says be­cause Chi­na is tar­get­ing Lithua­nia over its stance on Tai­wan.
27 Jan 2022
WTO gives Bei­jing a $645M tar­iff weapon against the US
Chi­na can re­tal­i­ate against $645m worth of an­nu­al Amer­i­can ex­ports as part of a decade-old trade dis­pute, WTO has said.
26 Jan 2022
Biden signs law ban­ning goods made in Chi­na’s Xin­jiang re­gion
New rules im­posed by Con­gress re­quire Xin­jiang ex­porters to US to prove prod­ucts were not made by forced labour.
23 Dec 2021
Biden, Xi to ad­dress APEC lead­ers on trade, COVID re­cov­ery
Speech­es come ahead of much-an­tic­i­pat­ed vir­tu­al sum­mit be­tween the US and Chi­nese pres­i­dents on Mon­day.
12 Nov 2021
US court con­victs Chi­nese in­tel­li­gence agent of spy­ing
Xu found guilty of con­spir­ing and at­tempt­ing to com­mit eco­nom­ic es­pi­onage as well as trade se­cret theft.
6 Nov 2021
FCC re­vokes Chi­na Tele­com Amer­i­ca’s au­thor­i­ty to op­er­ate in US
US telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions reg­u­la­tor des­ig­nates ma­jor Chi­nese com­pa­ny as a na­tion­al se­cu­ri­ty threat, or­ders shut­down.
26 Oct 2021
UK sur­pass­es Chi­na as top buy­er of ex­pen­sive Aus­tralian wine
The shift comes as Aus­tralia’s wine sales to Chi­na have plunged in the wake of an on­go­ing rift be­tween them.
19 Oct 2021
UN chief Guter­res: ‘We are on the edge of an abyss’
The UN’s chief paint­ed a grim pic­ture of a di­vid­ed and po­larised world and urged sol­i­dar­i­ty among na­tions.
21 Sep 2021
As rich-poor di­vide widens be­tween na­tions, UN urges re­form
De­vel­op­ing coun­tries could shoul­der most of the cost of the coro­n­avirus cri­sis, a new re­port from the UN warns.
15 Sep 2021
From: Counting the Cost
Do Chi­na’s am­bi­tions in In­di­an Ocean go be­yond pro­tect­ing trade?
Chi­na has built ports in Myan­mar, Sri Lan­ka and Pak­istan. Can In­dia counter Bei­jing’s eco­nom­ic diplo­ma­cy?
4 Sep 2021
US bankers, Chi­nese of­fi­cials qui­et­ly plan new talks amid ten­sion
Emis­saries from US fi­nance firms are prepar­ing for an­oth­er round of talks with se­nior Chi­nese reg­u­la­to­ry of­fi­cials.
25 Aug 2021
Is Chi­na’s port clo­sure a ca­nary in a COVID mine?
Fears are grow­ing the fast-spread­ing Delta vari­ant could trig­ger a re­peat of last year’s ship­ping night­mares.
13 Aug 2021
Biden of­fers Hong Kong peo­ple in US tem­po­rary ‘safe haven’
Chi­na has ‘fun­da­men­tal­ly al­tered the bedrock’ of Hong Kong’s de­mo­c­ra­t­ic in­sti­tu­tions and ‘sup­pressed free­doms’, US says.
5 Aug 2021
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