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Vladimir Putin
From: People & Power
Moldo­va: Next in Line?
Af­ter Rus­sia’s in­va­sion of Ukraine, could Moldo­va be next?
17 Jun 2022
From: Start Here
Who is Vladimir Putin? | Start Here
What has shaped Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin and how has he shaped Rus­sia?
15 Jun 2022
Philip­pine Pres­i­dent Duterte slams Putin for Ukraine killings
Ad­dress­ing Rus­sia’s pres­i­dent, Duterte said: ‘I kill crim­i­nals, I don’t kill chil­dren and the el­der­ly.’
24 May 2022
Putin: Eu­rope’s Rus­sia sanc­tions tan­ta­mount to ‘eco­nom­ic sui­cide’
By seek­ing to phase out Russ­ian en­er­gy sup­plies, Eu­rope will only hurt it­self, Russ­ian Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin warned.
17 May 2022
From: Talk to Al Jazeera
Nause­da: ‘Ukraine war opened Eu­rope’s eyes to Putin’s in­ten­tions’
Lithua­nia’s pres­i­dent dis­cuss­es how Eu­ro­pean lead­ers had the ‘il­lu­sion’ they had to do busi­ness with the Krem­lin.
14 May 2022
Putin: West’s Rus­sia sanc­tions trig­ger­ing glob­al eco­nom­ic cri­sis
The se­vere eco­nom­ic mea­sures will whiplash against the EU and cause famine for world’s poor­est, Rus­sia’s pres­i­dent said.
12 May 2022
Putin says Ukraine war re­sponse to ‘un­ac­cept­able threat’
On the an­niver­sary of vic­to­ry over Nazi Ger­many in World War II, Putin of­fers no as­sess­ment of progress in war.
9 May 2022
From: Counting the Cost
What is the cost of the en­er­gy war be­tween Rus­sia and Eu­rope?
Rus­sia shuts the gas taps for two Eu­ro­pean na­tions, while the EU pro­pos­es a ban on Russ­ian oil im­ports.
7 May 2022
Macron urges Putin to al­low Mar­i­upol steel plant evac­u­a­tions
France’s Em­manuel Macron urges the Russ­ian pres­i­dent to restart evac­u­a­tion ef­forts at the Azovstal plant in Ukraine.
3 May 2022
For­mer US Ma­rine killed fight­ing in Ukraine: Fam­i­ly
Willy Joseph Can­cel, 22, had joined a pri­vate mil­i­tary con­trac­tor to fight in Ukraine along­side oth­er vol­un­teers.
29 Apr 2022
Russ­ian mer­ce­nar­ies are Putin’s ‘co­er­cive tool’ in Africa
Rus­sia has de­ployed the Wag­n­er Group in mil­i­tary op­er­a­tions across at least half a dozen African na­tions.
23 Apr 2022
Putin ac­cus­es Ukraine of ‘in­con­sis­ten­cy’ in ne­go­ti­a­tions
Russ­ian pres­i­dent plays down prospect of a meet­ing with Ukraine’s Ze­len­skyy dur­ing talks with top Eu­ro­pean of­fi­cial.
22 Apr 2022
From: The Bottom Line
What is the US Mag­nit­sky Act, and why does Putin hate it?
The sto­ry be­hind the US law that sanc­tions any­one, any­where if they are deemed to be a ‘hu­man rights of­fend­er’.
21 Apr 2022
Putin ho­n­ours brigade ac­cused by Ukraine of ‘war crimes’ in Bucha
Russ­ian leader’s de­cree gives 64th Mo­tor Ri­fle Brigade ti­tle of ‘Guards’ for de­fend­ing ‘Moth­er­land and state in­ter­ests’.
19 Apr 2022
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