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US read­ies $1bn weapons pack­age for Ukraine: Re­port
Pack­age, which could be con­firmed on Mon­day, is ex­pect­ed to in­clude more am­mu­ni­tion and ar­moured med­ical ve­hi­cles.
6 Aug 2022
Myan­mar used Russ­ian-made air­craft in civil­ian at­tacks: Re­port
Myan­mar Wit­ness says open-source in­ves­ti­ga­tion shows Yak-130 fired un­guid­ed rock­ets and can­nons on pop­u­lat­ed ar­eas.
30 Jul 2022
UK ad­vis­er warns of nu­clear war risk amid com­mu­ni­ca­tion break­down
Stephen Love­grove says back­door chan­nels that kept world safe dur­ing the Cold War have dis­in­te­grat­ed.
28 Jul 2022
Kim Jong Un says N Ko­rea ‘ready to mo­bilise’ nu­clear de­ter­rent
North Ko­re­an leader con­demns Unit­ed States and South Ko­rea in speech to mark ‘Vic­to­ry Day’, the Ko­re­an War armistice.
28 Jul 2022
Ukraine and Rus­sia make com­pet­ing claims on HI­MARS rock­et sys­tems
Kyiv says it has de­stroyed 50 Russ­ian am­mu­ni­tion de­pots with the US-sup­plied rock­ets, Rus­sia claims hit on HI­MARS de­pot.
25 Jul 2022
Ukraine’s first lady makes im­pas­sioned plea for more US arms
Ole­na Ze­len­s­ka ap­peals to US Con­gress for air de­fence sys­tems as Ukraine faces on­slaught of Russ­ian strikes.
20 Jul 2022
Ukrain­ian car­go plane car­ry­ing weapons crash­es in Greece
All eight crew mem­bers killed as plane car­ry­ing mil­i­tary goods en route from Ser­bia to Bangladesh crash­es near Kavala.
17 Jul 2022
US dou­bles down on claim that Iran wants to sell drones to Rus­sia
Iran has al­ready told Ukraine it will not do any­thing to pro­long the war, which it blames on NATO’s ex­pan­sion in Eu­rope.
16 Jul 2022
US to send Ukraine ad­vanced sur­face-to-air mis­sile sys­tems
US an­nounces $820m in new mil­i­tary aid to re­spond to Rus­sia’s heavy re­liance on long-range strikes in the war.
2 Jul 2022
Kyiv says US pre­ci­sion ar­tillery sys­tems ar­rive in Ukraine
Ukraine de­fence min­is­ter says US long-range rock­et sys­tems ar­rive, as Russ­ian forces ad­vance in east­ern Don­bas re­gion.
23 Jun 2022
Biden re­stricts land­mine use in re­ver­sal of Trump-era pol­i­cy
Trump lift­ed US re­stric­tions on anti-per­son­nel land­mine use, which had been banned in al­most all of the world.
21 Jun 2022
Leviathan: Chi­na’s new navy
With its new air­craft car­ri­er, Chi­na is leapfrog­ging mil­i­tary tech­nolo­gies to chal­lenge the might of the US navy.
19 Jun 2022
Aus­tralia agrees pay­out to end France sub­ma­rine spat
Can­ber­ra to pay $584m to French sub­ma­rine mak­er end­ing dis­pute that soured re­la­tion be­tween the two coun­tries.
11 Jun 2022
Uvalde teacher who sur­vived shoot­ing makes ur­gent plea for change
Ar­nul­fo Reyes, who lost 11 of his stu­dents as law en­force­ment stood by out­side his class­room, calls for new gun laws.
7 Jun 2022
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