One of last 2 northern white rhinos dropped from breeding project
Fatu, daughter of 32-year-old Najin, is now the only donor left in world-first breeding programme.
22 Oct 2021
Colonial hill station becomes Malaysia’s third biosphere reserve
Penang’s second UNESCO nomination sparks debate on balance between conservation and post-pandemic tourism.
19 Oct 2021
Landmark studies bring elusive snow leopards back into limelight
Two large-scale studies done earlier this year unveil robust scientific data on animal’s population for the first time.
14 Oct 2021
Colombia’s avocado boom shows the hidden costs of ‘green gold’
As avocados replace coffee crops in many parts of Colombia, scientists warn there are consequences for wildlife.
8 Oct 2021
‘Just skin and bones’: Bali elephants left to starve
Experts say issue raises questions about Indonesia’s elephant tourism, which was highly profitable before the pandemic.
7 Oct 2021
In Pictures: 2,500 rare rhino horns destroyed in India
The first ceremony of its kind was held in northeastern India as part of an anti-poaching drive to mark World Rhino Day.
23 Sep 2021
Is it time to rethink Bali’s monkey forests?
The lives and livelihoods of people and macaques are being sorely tested by the absence of tourists.
22 Sep 2021
Why Zimbabwe’s ‘great river people’ feel cut off from their trade
Expensive permits and fishing industry regulations are impeding BaTonga tribe’s way of life.
21 Sep 2021
Dozens of endangered penguins killed by bees in South Africa
Some of the African penguins, found on a beach outside Cape Town, had 20 or more bee stings.
20 Sep 2021
Anger as Sri Lanka court returns elephants to alleged traffickers
Court returns 13 elephants in state custody to alleged traffickers who captured them or people who bought from them.
17 Sep 2021
Fossil of land-roaming whale species found in Egypt
Prehistoric whale, known as semi-aquatic because it lived on land and sea, showed signs of an accomplished hunter.
15 Sep 2021
The young Vietnamese helping tackle the illegal wildlife trade
Trang Nguyen is a rarity in Vietnam where civil society is viewed with scepticism and most young people want more lucrat
10 Sep 2021
‘Tiger on my farm’: India coal hub brings new dangers in villages
With a population of 1.3 billion, India is vulnerable to human-animal conflict as people encroach on wildlife habitats.
9 Sep 2021
Amazon’s Carbon Crisis: How fire could accelerate climate change
Parts of the Amazon are expelling more carbon than they absorb.
6 Sep 2021
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