Azerbaijan’s internally displaced long to return to regained land
IDPs who fled Nagorno-Karabakh 30 years ago hope to live in their old homes after last year’s war, but progress is slow.
23 Nov 2021
Armenia and Azerbaijan’s new-old border war
Baku and Yerevan again clashed over the control of frontiers defined by Soviet cartographers, raising fears of conflict.
19 Nov 2021
Eight soldiers killed in Azerbaijan-Armenia border clashes
Baku and Yerevan trade barbs as flare-up along shared border threatens fragile ceasefire agreement.
17 Nov 2021
Armenia announces ceasefire after Azerbaijan border clashes
The Armenian defence ministry says the ceasefire was brokered by Russia after clashes sparked fears of a new flare-up.
16 Nov 2021
Nagorno-Karabakh: Land still laced with mines, year after war
Several people have been killed and injured as de-mining agencies say lack of resources slows efforts to clear weaponry.
9 Nov 2021
Georgi Vanyan’s peace legacy must live on
The late Armenian activist showed us the way to peace in the South Caucasus.
Emin Milli
8 Nov 2021
Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of ‘ethnic cleansing’ at UN court
The two rivals are trading accusations at the International Court of Justice, almost a year since signing a ceasefire.
18 Oct 2021
Are Azerbaijan and Armenia ready to improve relations?
One year has passed since the Nagorno-Karabakh war and there are hints that diplomatic ties could be built.
15 Oct 2021
Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of ethnic hatred at UN court
Azerbaijan denied the allegations made at the ICJ and accused Armenia of ‘decades-long ethnic cleansing’.
14 Oct 2021
Don’t sacrifice human rights in the name of development
European financial institutions must keep their environmental commitments beyond EU borders.
Ashley Nancy Reynolds
4 Sep 2021
Are frosty relations between Turkey and Armenia thawing?
Experts say both could benefit economically and geopolitically if they follow up on pledges towards normalisation.
1 Sep 2021
From: Inside Story
How fragile is the ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan?
Armenia has called on Russia to deploy troops along its border with Azerbaijan to prevent further violence.
30 Jul 2021
Armenia seeks Russian forces on Azerbaijan border amid tensions
PM Nikol Pashinyan says the move would allow border demarcation to be carried out without the risk of military clashes.
29 Jul 2021
Ceasefire called after Armenian soldiers killed in clashes
Incident was one of deadliest since a six-week war between ethnic Armenian forces and Baku over Nagorno-Karabakh.
28 Jul 2021
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