Oman’s youth unemployment problem is a harbinger for wider Gulf
Oman unrest is harbinger for other Gulf petrostates that need to diversify to create jobs for legions of young people.
11 Jun 2021
Hundreds protest in Bahrain over prisoner’s death
Protesters march in the village of Diah after Husain Barakat, a political prisoner, died after contracting COVID.
10 Jun 2021
Bahrain political prisoner dies of COVID-19
Husain Barakat, 48, died after contracting the virus in Jau prison, the site of a months-long coronavirus outbreak.
9 Jun 2021
Despite Gaza bloodshed, few see Abraham Accords derailing
Gaza violence has cast the Abraham Accords in a poor light, but many see Israel-UAE relations staying on track.
21 May 2021
UN ‘disturbed’ by Bahrain forces’ violent breakup of jail sit-in
Human rights office calls for thorough investigation into ‘violent repression’ of peaceful sit-in at Jau prison.
30 Apr 2021
OPEC+ confirms small supply hike as demand for oil rebounds
World oil consumption will rebound by a vigorous six million barrels a day this year, according to OPEC+ estimates.
27 Apr 2021
US, Arab nations back Jordan’s King Abdullah amid security probe
Support for King Abdulla comes as former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein says he is under house arrest.
4 Apr 2021
Mt Everest-bound Bahraini prince probed over COVID vaccine ‘gift’
Nepal investigates how Sheikh Mohamed Hamad Mohamed Al Khalifa brought 2,000 vaccine doses without prior approval.
17 Mar 2021
Bahrain police beat minors, threatened them with rape: Report
Minors aged 11-17 arrested last month were beaten and threatened with rape and electric shocks, rights groups say.
11 Mar 2021
15 rights groups urge Biden to address Bahrain abuses
Donald Trump’s policies encourage authoritarianism in Manama, rights groups say; want Biden to reset relations.
4 Mar 2021
Protests mark 10th anniversary of Bahrain uprising
Number of demonstrators was limited compared with previous years due to heavy police presence and COVID restrictions.
14 Feb 2021
Netanyahu postpones UAE, Bahrain trip due to COVID lockdown
Israel closed its airport to virtually all air traffic last month in a bid to halt the arrival of new COVID variants.
4 Feb 2021
Interactive: The Arab Spring Retweeted
Ten years ago, the Middle East changed forever. Relive the events exactly as they unfolded, one tweet at a time.
28 Jan 2021
Bahrain approves AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID vaccine
The jab is the third granted emergency use in the Gulf country after China’s Sinopharm and Pfizer/BioNtech.
25 Jan 2021
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