Ethiopia rejects Arab League resolution on Renaissance Dam
Addis Ababa slams bloc calling on UN Security Council to intervene in Ethiopia’s dispute with Egypt and Sudan.
16 Jun 2021
Arab states call for UNSC intervention over Ethiopian dam dispute
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Palestine on the agenda of Arab League foreign ministers’ talks in Doha.
15 Jun 2021
Egypt upholds death penalty for 12 Muslim Brotherhood members
Court decision marks end of a trial linked to a mass killing by security forces at a sit-in in Cairo in 2013.
14 Jun 2021
Egypt used Gaza ceasefire to ‘improve its standing in Washington’
Egypt tried to prove to US it can handle ‘Palestinian file’ when it brokered latest Israel-Hamas ceasefire, experts say.
3 Jun 2021
Erdogan woos Egypt, Gulf states in push to repair ties
Turkey has been pushing to repair ties with estranged regional powers.
2 Jun 2021
Egypt’s intelligence chief holds talks with Hamas in Gaza Strip
After helping to broker Israel-Hamas ceasefire, Egypt looks to shore up truce and boost its role as mediator.
31 May 2021
Israel, Egypt hold talks aimed at ‘permanent ceasefire’ in Gaza
Egypt’s foreign minister receives his Israeli counterpart amid ongoing effort to solidify Gaza truce.
30 May 2021
Qatar’s foreign minister hails ‘positive’ stance in UAE talks
Qatar’s chief diplomat expresses optimism about overcoming differences with the UAE after the Gulf rift.
30 May 2021
Israel FM arrives in Egypt for Gaza ‘permanent ceasefire’ talks
In first Israeli FM visit to Egypt in 13 years, talks include reconstruction of the ravaged Palestinian enclave.
30 May 2021
US faces ‘difficult questions’ on Egypt ties after Gaza ceasefire
Advocates question Joe Biden’s promise to take rights-based approach to foreign policy amid Egypt-led mediation.
29 May 2021
Blinken claims progress in effort to boost Israel-Hamas truce
US secretary of state wraps up two-day Middle East visit with pledges on cementing the ceasefire and rebuilding Gaza.
26 May 2021
Blinken visits Egypt, Jordan to support Israel-Hamas ceasefire
Top US diplomat visits Amman after holding separate meetings with Egyptian, Palestinian and Israeli leaders.
26 May 2021
Qatar’s top diplomat visits Egypt amid improving ties
Visit comes amid improving ties after Egypt and three Gulf countries ended blockade of Qatar.
25 May 2021
Judge orders four Egyptians to stand trial for Regeni murder
An Italian judge rules that there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a trial over murder of student in Egypt.
25 May 2021
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