German soldiers recalled from Lithuania over Hitler birthday song
Troops recalled from Lithuania over incident Germany military spokesperson says ‘brings shame on us all’.
16 Jun 2021
Germany steps up tax evader crackdown with Dubai data purchase
Germany’s Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said the country is using ‘all means to uncover tax offenses’.
16 Jun 2021
In Pictures: Several injured in Euro 2020 paraglider protest
A parachutist with ‘Kick Out Oil’ and ‘Greenpeace’ written on his paraglider flew into the stadium in Munich.
16 Jun 2021
Ronaldo breaks Euro record as Portugal cruise past Hungary
Ronaldo netted a double to become the European Championship’s all-time leading scorer.
16 Jun 2021
France, Germany to kick off Euro 2020’s group of death
It will be the first time the two nations face off in the group stages of a major tournament.
15 Jun 2021
Will G7 green initiative have more climate cred than China’s BRI?
Clean Green Initiative aims to rival China’s Belt and Road Initiative and curb Beijing’s growing economic clout.
11 Jun 2021
Group of Seven: Here’s what’s on the agenda
G7 leaders are meeting to rally democratic spirits and develop deals on global taxes and COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
10 Jun 2021
‘Betrayal’: Namibian opposition MPs slam Germany genocide deal
Prime minister calls for unity but opposition MPs accuse gov’t of sidelining them and the communities directly affected.
8 Jun 2021
From: Inside Story
How should countries deal with historical atrocities?
Germany apologises for genocide of Indigenous tribes in Namibia, but critics say the compensation deal is an ‘insult’.
7 Jun 2021
Is Germany’s genocide apology to Namibia enough?
The Herero and Nama people continue to demand justice for Germany’s colonial atrocities from more than a century ago.
7 Jun 2021
Merkel’s party wins key state vote: Exit poll
Germany’s Christian Democrats fend off far-right AfD challenge, garnering 36 percent of the vote, exit polls show.
6 Jun 2021
Airlines say flights between Russia and Germany have resumed
Germany said earlier it had banned incoming Russian airlines after Moscow did not extend Lufthansa’s flight permissions.
2 Jun 2021
‘If Germany wants to reconcile, they must give our dignity back’
Affected communities of colonial-era genocide in Namibia say true reconciliation requires their voices to be heard.
1 Jun 2021
G7 set to launch green alternative to China’s Belt and Road
G7 is expected to launch the ‘Clean Green Initiative’ at a leaders’ summit next week, sources tell Bloomberg News.
1 Jun 2021
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