Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia executes Mustafa al-Darwish over teenage protests
Mustafa Hashem al-Darwish was arrested in May 2015 and charged with protest-related offences.
15 Jun 2021
Saudi Arabia bars foreign pilgrims from Hajj due to COVID
Saudi Arabia says this year’s pilgrimage will be limited to 60,000 citizens and residents.
12 Jun 2021
Oman’s youth unemployment problem is a harbinger for wider Gulf
Oman unrest is harbinger for other Gulf petrostates that need to diversify to create jobs for legions of young people.
11 Jun 2021
Saudi Aramco to sell $6B of dollar-denominated Islamic bonds
Order books for the sale are in excess of $60bn, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg News.
9 Jun 2021
‘Times have changed’: Saudi Arabia-Syria in rapprochement talks
After years of conflict, Riyadh now views Damascus as an expedient avenue to shore up broader regional interests.
8 Jun 2021
Analysis: Has the Gulf reconciled after the Qatar blockade?
For now, it seems bilateral reconciliation efforts in the GCC are proceeding, albeit at various speeds.
5 Jun 2021
Indonesia cancels Hajj again amid concerns over COVID
Minister says the government will not allow Indonesians to travel for the Hajj due to coronavirus pandemic.
3 Jun 2021
Aramco is planning a bond sale to fund $75bn dividend
Saudi Aramco may seek to raise $5bn in Islamic bonds to help fund its $75bn dividend commitment, sources tell Bloomberg.
2 Jun 2021
Erdogan woos Egypt, Gulf states in push to repair ties
Turkey has been pushing to repair ties with estranged regional powers.
2 Jun 2021
Oil better? OPEC+ confirms plan to hike crude output through July
Energy ministers on Tuesday confirmed plans to raise production by 2.1 million barrels per day through July.
1 Jun 2021
Wins by climate activists find unlikely backer, ‘hostile regimes’
With Western oil majors pressured to cut emissions, state-owned oil firms will step in without those expectations.
1 Jun 2021
Saudi minister defends volume limit on mosque loudspeakers
Saudi Islamic affairs minister says the order was in response to citizens’ complaints about excessive noise.
1 Jun 2021
Saudi coalition says destroyed drone fired towards Khamis Mushait
Coalition says it destroyed an explosive-laden drone launched by Yemeni Houthi rebels towards Saudi city Khamis Mushait.
30 May 2021
Saudi Arabia summons Lebanon envoy over minister’s remarks
Lebanese top diplomat’s remarks on the Gulf states and the rise of ISIL were ‘insulting’, Riyadh says.
18 May 2021
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