United Arab Emirates
Germany steps up tax evader crackdown with Dubai data purchase
Germany’s Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said the country is using ‘all means to uncover tax offenses’.
16 Jun 2021
‘Torture’ complaint filed in France against UAE official
Complaint accuses candidate for Interpol presidency, Ahmed al-Raisi, of playing role in torture of jailed activist.
12 Jun 2021
Oman’s youth unemployment problem is a harbinger for wider Gulf
Oman unrest is harbinger for other Gulf petrostates that need to diversify to create jobs for legions of young people.
11 Jun 2021
Analysis: Has the Gulf reconciled after the Qatar blockade?
For now, it seems bilateral reconciliation efforts in the GCC are proceeding, albeit at various speeds.
5 Jun 2021
African journalists slam UAE ‘manipulation’ over Qatar World Cup
FAJ condemns what it says are attempts by the UAE to pressure African journalists into campaigning against World Cup.
4 Jun 2021
Aramco is planning a bond sale to fund $75bn dividend
Saudi Aramco may seek to raise $5bn in Islamic bonds to help fund its $75bn dividend commitment, sources tell Bloomberg.
2 Jun 2021
Supply glut keeps Dubai on sidelines of prime property upswing
Dubai, Buenos Aires only two cities in Knight Frank’s 25 prime locations list to see prime residential value decline.
1 Jun 2021
Qatar’s foreign minister hails ‘positive’ stance in UAE talks
Qatar’s chief diplomat expresses optimism about overcoming differences with the UAE after the Gulf rift.
30 May 2021
Suspended IPL to be completed in UAE later this year
Indian cricket board also asks ICC for more time to decide whether India can host Twenty20 World Cup amid pandemic.
29 May 2021
Profits or Palestine? UAE-Israel deals likely to continue quietly
The UAE has offered to mediate between Israel and Palestine, and behind the scenes are billions in potential deals.
28 May 2021
UK football fan sues UAE for alleged torture; false imprisonment
Ali Issa Ahmed says he was targeted for wearing a Qatar football jersey at a match in the United Arab Emirates in 2019.
28 May 2021
Yemen: Mysterious airbase gets built on Mayun island
Yemeni government says UAE behind the base constructed on the strategically important volcanic island.
25 May 2021
Despite Gaza bloodshed, few see Abraham Accords derailing
Gaza violence has cast the Abraham Accords in a poor light, but many see Israel-UAE relations staying on track.
21 May 2021
The billion-dollar UAE-Israel gas deal will go forward
The ongoing bombing of Gaza is unlikely to deter the UAE from investing big in its new ally’s gas fields.
20 May 2021
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