United States
US Congress votes to make ‘Juneteenth’ a federal holiday
Congress sends bill to President Biden making June 19 a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the US.
16 Jun 2021
South Carolina high court blocks two electric chair executions
Inmates must have choice of death by firing squad, court rules, as US states seek alternatives to lethal injection.
16 Jun 2021
US rescinds Trump-era asylum restrictions for violence survivors
Trump-era curbs made it harder for asylum seekers fleeing domestic or gang violence to get protection in US.
16 Jun 2021
Microsoft shareholder seeks report on Gates, sexual harassment
Arjuna Capital has requested a report on the ‘effectiveness of the company’s workplace sexual harassment policies’.
16 Jun 2021
Federal Reserve raises inflation expectations, mulls 2023 liftoff
The US Fed’s latest projections have inflation rising to 3.4 percent in 2021, a full point higher than March’s estimate.
16 Jun 2021
El Salvador stresses to IMF that both Bitcoin, dollars accepted
El Salvador’s finance minister said that he had clarified with IMF that the country had no plans to abandon the dollar.
16 Jun 2021
US, Russia to enter ‘strategic stability’ dialogue: Biden
Human rights, nuclear weapons control, de-escalating conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Ukraine top Biden agenda.
16 Jun 2021
US Capitol riot: 21 Republicans oppose medals for officers
Medals will still be awarded, though Republican no votes draw criticism from across political aisle.
16 Jun 2021
US new home construction misses target as lumber prices climb
High lumber prices and shortages of material and labour have builders struggling to boost the production of new homes.
16 Jun 2021
In dig at Biden, Trump will head to ‘lawless’ US-Mexico border
The former US president has laid low since leaving office but will resume travel – and rallies – later in June.
16 Jun 2021
E3 highlights new titles and efforts to diversify gaming industry
After a blockbuster 2020 kept people at home, gaming industry faces the challenge of continuing to keep fans engaged.
16 Jun 2021
Biden, Putin agree to talks on arms control, cybersecurity
At Geneva summit, Russian and US leaders agree to reinstate ambassadors and begin talks on arms control, cybersecurity.
16 Jun 2021
What will come from the Biden-Putin summit?
A look at the past, present, and future of US-Russian relations.
16 Jun 2021
Student debt wiped for thousands defrauded by for-profit colleges
The Education Department is erasing 18,000 loans for those who attended a for-profit college that lied to them.
16 Jun 2021
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