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United States
G7 pledges to raise $600bn to counter Chi­na’s Belt and Road
G7’s Part­ner­ship for Glob­al In­fra­struc­ture and In­vest­ment to help fi­nance in­fra­struc­ture in de­vel­op­ing coun­tries.
27 Jun 2022
From: Inside Story
What’s be­hind the US Supreme Court de­ci­sion on abor­tion?
Protests spread across the US af­ter the Supreme Court struck down a 50-year-old abor­tion law.
26 Jun 2022
Af­ter Roe v Wade, they will come for me – and for you
But we can­not let them. We must fight to pro­tect the rights and the lives of one an­oth­er and to shield the vul­ner­a­ble.
Ter­ra Kestrel
26 Jun 2022
What’s in US Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s bi­par­ti­san gun vi­o­lence bill?
The new law is the most sweep­ing gun vi­o­lence bill in decades and fol­lows a spate of mass shoot­ings in the US.
25 Jun 2022
‘My body, my choice’: Anger over US Supreme Court abor­tion rul­ing
Crowds fea­tured both abor­tion op­po­nents and abor­tion rights sup­port­ers af­ter con­tro­ver­sial top court de­ci­sion.
25 Jun 2022
US pres­i­dent signs first ma­jor gun re­form law in decades
The law is the most im­pact­ful firearms mea­sure pro­duced by Con­gress since the en­act­ment of as­sault weapons ban in 1993.
25 Jun 2022
​I­ran and EU agree to restart nu­clear deal talks on Bor­rell vis­it
In­di­rect talks be­tween Iran and US set to re­sume af­ter EU for­eign pol­i­cy chief vis­its Tehran to re­solve the im­passe.
25 Jun 2022
From: Counting the Cost
Cen­tral banks try to bring in­fla­tion un­der con­trol
We look at what’s be­hind the ris­ing cost of liv­ing and the ac­tion be­ing tak­en by pol­i­cy­mak­ers.
25 Jun 2022
Roe v Wade/Right v wrong: US Supreme Court guilty on abor­tion
The whole US sys­tem of pa­tri­ar­chal cap­i­tal­ism must in­deed be abort­ed.
Be­len Fer­nan­dez
25 Jun 2022
Juul ap­peals to US fed­er­al court to end ban on e-cig­a­rettes
Com­pa­ny has been wide­ly blamed for surge in un­der­age va­p­ing, but re­cent sur­vey shows a drop in teen va­p­ing rate in US.
24 Jun 2022
US Con­gress sends land­mark gun vi­o­lence leg­is­la­tion to Biden
The bill is seen as a mod­est mea­sure and a com­pro­mise amid deep, par­ti­san di­vides on gun con­trol among US leg­is­la­tors.
24 Jun 2022
Key take­aways from Supreme Court rul­ing over­turn­ing Roe v Wade
The rul­ing re­moves fed­er­al pro­tec­tions for abor­tion, send­ing ques­tions of le­gal­i­ty to in­di­vid­ual US states.
24 Jun 2022
UN, world lead­ers con­demn US Supreme Court rul­ing on abor­tion
US Supreme Court rul­ing de­scribed as ‘huge blow’ to Amer­i­can women’s re­pro­duc­tive rights and gen­der equal­i­ty.
24 Jun 2022
Pho­tos: ‘Over­ruled’ – Top US court ban­ish­es abor­tion law
The de­ci­sion over­turned the land­mark Roe v Wade rul­ing and is ex­pect­ed to lead to abor­tion bans in half the 50 states.
24 Jun 2022
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