Coronavirus pandemic
Pak­istan sees high­est dai­ly COVID cas­es since pan­dem­ic be­gan
Over 7,000 cas­es re­port­ed in a sin­gle day as the na­tion im­pos­es new re­stric­tions to curb fast-spread­ing Omi­cron vari­ant.
21 Jan 2022
UN labour chief calls on Asia to beef up so­cial safe­ty nets
In­ter­na­tion­al Labour Or­ga­ni­za­tion head ex­press­es op­ti­mism Asia-Pa­cif­ic will not aban­don glob­al­i­sa­tion post-pan­dem­ic.
21 Jan 2022
As costs mount, how long can Chi­na stick with ‘zero COVID’?
Omi­cron has raised ques­tions about the sus­tain­abil­i­ty of Bei­jing’s lock­downs and bor­der clo­sures.
21 Jan 2022
West­ern Aus­tralia ex­tends COVID-era sep­a­ra­tion from coun­try
West­ern Aus­tralia has can­celled plans to re­open its in­ter-state bor­ders due to the spread of the Omi­cron vari­ant.
21 Jan 2022
COVID leaves last­ing scars as Biden marks first year in of­fice
Vic­tims’ fam­i­lies say they are still grap­pling with deep pain as US Pres­i­dent Joe Biden vows to keep fight­ing the virus.
20 Jan 2022
From: Inside Story
Will Boris John­son re­sign?
The British prime min­is­ter is fac­ing a deep­en­ing po­lit­i­cal cri­sis.
20 Jan 2022
Africa CDC chief calls for COVID vac­cines with longer shelf life
John Nken­ga­song says of mil­lions of ex­pired dos­es in Africa, most ar­rived with ‘very short no­tice’ af­ter be­ing do­nat­ed.
20 Jan 2022
Pak­istan places new re­stric­tions amid rise in COVID cas­es
The re­stric­tions in­clude a ban on in­door gath­er­ings and any in­door din­ing at restau­rants start­ing Thurs­day.
20 Jan 2022
Omi­cron prompts calls for Japan to treat COVID like the flu
Promi­nent voic­es in­clud­ing Tokyo’s gov­er­nor and for­mer Prime Min­is­ter Shin­zo Abe have called for re­turn to nor­mal life.
20 Jan 2022
5 key take­aways from US Pres­i­dent Biden’s news con­fer­ence
Biden faces slump­ing poll num­bers as he en­ters sec­ond year in of­fice amid ten­sions with Rus­sia and ris­ing COVID cas­es.
19 Jan 2022
Biden hails ‘enor­mous progress’ dur­ing first year in of­fice
Fac­ing slump­ing ap­proval rat­ings on eve of US pres­i­den­cy’s one-year mark, Biden promis­es to tack­le COVID, ris­ing prices.
19 Jan 2022
Oil hits fresh 7-year peak as de­mand proves re­silient to Omi­cron
Oil’s ral­ly pos­es a chal­lenge for con­sum­ing na­tions and cen­tral banks as they try to stave off in­fla­tion.
19 Jan 2022
Pfiz­er CEO award­ed $1M Gen­e­sis Prize for de­vel­op­ing COVID vac­cine
Al­bert Bourla is recog­nised for be­ing at the fore­front of fight­ing the pan­dem­ic and de­vel­op­ing a vac­cine in record time.
19 Jan 2022
John­son lifts COVID rules in Eng­land as Omi­cron wave ‘has peaked’
British PM says face masks will no longer be manda­to­ry in pub­lic places and COVID pass­es will be dropped for big events.
19 Jan 2022
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