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Italy’s Fe­tus Grave­yards | Close Up
Unau­tho­rised buri­als of abort­ed fe­tus­es shed light on stig­ma women face, as well as bar­ri­ers to re­pro­duc­tive rights.
19 Jan 2022
Malians ral­ly af­ter army calls for protests over ECOW­AS sanc­tions
Thou­sands protest across Mali in sup­port of rul­ing mil­i­tary af­ter West Africa bloc im­posed sanc­tions over de­layed vote.
14 Jan 2022
UN chief urges Mali gov’t to an­nounce ‘ac­cept­able’ vote timetable
An­to­nio Guter­res says he is work­ing with the AU and ECOW­AS on cre­at­ing ‘con­di­tions’ to al­low for ac­cel­er­at­ed tran­si­tion.
13 Jan 2022
MEPs ac­cuse EU of­fi­cial of sup­port­ing Serb se­ces­sion
Par­lia­men­tar­i­ans on von der Leyen to in­ves­ti­gate com­mis­sion­er’s al­leged role in as­sist­ing Dodik’s sep­a­ratist ideals.
13 Jan 2022
Hun­gary’s gen­er­al elec­tion set for April 3: Pres­i­dent
With a unit­ed op­po­si­tion al­liance, PM Vik­tor Or­ban is fac­ing his tough­est con­test since com­ing to pow­er in 2010.
11 Jan 2022
Bor­rell vows EU’s ‘full sup­port’ for Ukraine on front line vis­it
EU’s top diplo­mat promis­es ‘mas­sive con­se­quences and se­vere costs’ for Rus­sia if it launch­es a mil­i­tary of­fen­sive.
5 Jan 2022
Ger­many calls nu­clear pow­er ‘dan­ger­ous,’ re­jects EU plan
Ger­many is mov­ing to shut down its three nu­clear pow­er plants this year amid con­cerns over the safe­ty of the tech­nol­o­gy.
3 Jan 2022
EU backs in­ter­na­tion­al arms em­bar­go af­ter killings in Myan­mar
Top EU diplo­mat Josep Bor­rell ac­cus­es Myan­mar’s mil­i­tary of car­ry­ing out an ‘ap­palling act of vi­o­lence’ in Kayah State.
30 Dec 2021
Time­line: The Eu­ro­pean Union and mi­gra­tion in 2021
Al Jazeera takes a look at key events shap­ing Eu­ro­pean coun­tries’ re­sponse to mi­grant and refugee ar­rivals this year.
30 Dec 2021
Poland refers EU rule of law is­sue to Con­sti­tu­tion­al Court
The court will de­cide whether a mech­a­nism link­ing EU funds to rule of law is com­pat­i­ble with Poland’s con­sti­tu­tion.
23 Dec 2021
Wid­owed in Poland: An Iraqi Kur­dish vic­tim of the bor­der-cri­sis
Mu­rad’s wife died from hy­pother­mia and sep­sis. The cou­ple’s still­born son is now buried near the Be­laru­sian bor­der.
23 Dec 2021
Hun­gary’s leader de­nounced in Bosnia for anti-Mus­lim rhetoric
PM Or­ban’s spokesman said it would be a ‘chal­lenge’ to in­te­grate a coun­try with two mil­lion Mus­lims into the EU.
23 Dec 2021
EU takes le­gal ac­tion against Poland over rule-of-law dis­pute
Poland says the EU’s de­ci­sion re­flects a trend to­wards ‘bu­reau­crat­ic cen­tral­ism’ in Brus­sels that ‘has to be stopped’.
22 Dec 2021
EU ap­proves No­vavax shot as fifth COVID vac­cine
The Eu­ro­pean Med­i­cines Agency paves the way for a fifth au­tho­rised COVID jab in the bloc, ap­prov­ing its use in adults.
20 Dec 2021
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