Indian media tycoon battles to hold on to his empire
Subhash Chandra is in the thick of a corporate battle to hang onto his firm Zee, India’s largest listed media network.
26 Oct 2021
Facebook will fuel more unrest, whistle-blower tells UK lawmakers
Social media giant needs to stop its algorithms from pushing divisive content, Frances Haugen tells British politicians.
25 Oct 2021
From: The Listening Post
The Beirut blast probe: A tale of distrust and disinformation
Why is discourse about the investigation into the Beirut blast so polarised? And the Russian law affecting journalists.
23 Oct 2021
Ex-US President Donald Trump announces social media site
The launch of the platform, dubbed TRUTH Social, comes months after Trump was banned from most major social media sites.
21 Oct 2021
From: Democracy Maybe
How Democracy Dies
A look at Hungary and Myanmar and how they expose some of democracy’s different vulnerabilities.
20 Oct 2021
From: The Listening Post
What this year’s Nobel Prize says about the global media climate
Who are the journalists who won the Nobel Peace Prize and what’s their message? Plus, the US military-gaming complex.
16 Oct 2021
Six arrested in Rwanda for spreading rumours to cause ‘uprising’
A YouTube channel owner and members of an opposition party are among those taken into custody.
14 Oct 2021
When Facebook went dark
An hours-long outage has exposed the extent of Facebook’s reach – raising questions over whether it should be broken up.
13 Oct 2021
‘Hard choices’ for Singapore media after controversial law passed
Concerns about effect of ‘foreign interference’ law in country where media already operate under strict regulation.
13 Oct 2021
TaiwanPlus tries to change the narrative on self-ruled island
New media outlet launched as the democratic island, which is claimed by Beijing, faces an increasingly hostile China.
13 Oct 2021
From: The Listening Post
Outages, leaks and bad headlines: Facebook’s nightmare week
At Facebook, a whistleblower goes public amid a disastrous service outage. And in Egypt, online influencers under fire.
9 Oct 2021
Q&A: Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa
Al Jazeera speaks to Maria Ressa, investigative journalist and co-recipient of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.
8 Oct 2021
Nobel Peace Prize: Kremlin lauds ‘brave’ journalist Muratov
Novaya Gazeta chief dedicates award to journalists slain in Russia during Moscow’s crackdown on critical reporting.
8 Oct 2021
‘Tribute to journalism’: Praise pours in for Nobel prize winners
Journalists Maria Ressa, Dmitry Muratov receive congratulations from around the globe on winning the Nobel Peace Prize.
8 Oct 2021
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