Italy accuses Egyptian security of Giulio Regeni’s murder
Italian parliamentary panel report says Egypt’s security apparatus was responsible for the 2016 killing of the student.
1 Dec 2021
More European countries find Omicron cases as concern grows
UK, Germany and Italy latest to find infections of new coronavirus variant as South Africa condemns travel curbs.
27 Nov 2021
Italian antitrust watchdog fines Apple, Amazon more than $225M
It accuses Apple and Amazon of cooperating to restrict competition in the sale of Apple and Beats branded products.
23 Nov 2021
The narrow path to freedom
On this year’s UNESCO World Philosophy Day, we need philosophy more than ever before.
Santiago Zabala|Claudio Gallo

18 Nov 2021
G20 says climate threat ‘urgent, critical’, offers modest steps
G20 leaders make mild pledges on net-zero emissions and coal financing, leaving uphill task for COP26.
1 Nov 2021
G20 leaders endorse global minimum tax on big businesses
New tax rules will see the profits of large multinational corporations taxed at a rate of at least 15 percent.
31 Oct 2021
G20: Will rich nations make progress on climate and vaccines?
Analysts say reaching consensus on pressing issues at the annual leader’s summit could prove elusive.
29 Oct 2021
‘Serious risk’ that climate talks will fail, UN chief warns G20
Antonio Guterres warns the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow will fail if G20 nations do not set aside mutual mistrust.
29 Oct 2021
President Biden meets pope at the Vatican ahead of climate talks
Two old friends share rapport, laughs as Biden, who is a devout Catholic, visits Europe for first time as US president.
29 Oct 2021
Israel: Boy who survived cable car crash to be returned to Italy
An Israeli family court has ruled the grandfather of Eitan Biran unlawfully took the six-year-old child to Tel Aviv.
25 Oct 2021
Salvini in court for blocking migrant rescue ship
The head of the right-wing Lega party could face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.
23 Oct 2021
Facebook to hire 10,000 workers in Europe to build ‘metaverse’
The metaverse is a futuristic notion for connecting online that uses augmented and virtual reality, Facebook has said.
18 Oct 2021
Should COVID-19 vaccines be mandatory?
Experts say vaccines mandates for COVID-19 infringe on freedoms, but may be necessary to protect public health.
18 Oct 2021
Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against fascism
Protest comes a week after extreme right-wing supporters broke into the headquarters of Italy’s labour confederation.
16 Oct 2021
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