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A look at 2020 through AP stats and figures
The Associated Press advances the power of facts.
Revenue by business line
The AP network
245 locations worldwide
10 regional editing hubs
97 countries
Unrivaled 50-state footprint with a reporter in every U.S. statehouse
More than half the world’s population sees journalism from The Associated Press every day.
AP’s 2020 output
440,000 stories
Nearly 1 million photos
74,000 news and sports videos
More than 20,000 hours of live video across five channels
On social
Twitter: 15.1 million followers
Facebook: 947,939 followers
LinkedIn: 201,751 followers
Instagram: 580,000 followers
YouTube: 1.58 million subscribers and nearly 3 billion views
We produce the AP report in
English, Spanish and Arabic.
AP News app
993k downloads of the AP News app in 2020
3.8 million users
Over 1.67 billion page views on the platform
Awards and prizes
Overseas Press Club Awards
Joe and Laurie Dine Award for palm oil investigation
Roy Roman Award for accountability reporting in China
Emmy Awards
News and Documentary Award for reporting on detained migrant children
Engineering and Technology Award for ENPS newsroom software
Anthony Shadid Award for Journalism Ethics
For palm oil investigation
Royal Television Society Television Journalism Awards
Young Talent of the Year
Selden Ring Award for Investigative Reporting
For palm oil investigation
Pictures of the Year International
Variety of winners
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From the archive
3.5 million digitized text stories from 1985
37 million editorial and creative images
More than 2 million global news and entertainment video stories from 1895 to present
Over 200 global image and video partners
Global Media Services
29 live positions around the world
72 events covered across the globe in 2020
News production software used by 60,000 news professionals in 700 newsrooms in 50 countries.
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AP’s joint venture with IMG provides an unrivaled blend of sports highlights and news to more than 1,200 media outlets worldwide.
Over 27,000 sports video stories per year
More than 75 videos per day
Reaching over 115 territories
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