Lockdown left poor pupils further behind in maths
The gap between poor pupils and their classmates is unlikely to narrow without intervention, researchers say.
Family & Education
Covid 'will affect youngest pupils for years'
Lockdown pupils 'three months behind in learning'
Out in the cold: NYC cancels school snow days
Father calls for proof of age on pornography sites
Family & Education
Cambridge Uni student gathering 'slap in the face'
Parents urged to prioritise swimming lessons
Teens, tech and mental health: Study finds no link
Student university complaints reach highest level
30 April 2021
Family & Education
Features & analysis
'Our library is like a lifeline for my family'
Student suicide: Would parents know before it's too late?
Ever tried doing PE at home? Pupils pleased to be back
Back to school
Covid: How to do a lateral flow test at home
Longer school day, shorter summer holiday?
School 'feels alive' after children's return
Exams & university
Students returning to university from 17 May
University students feel like an 'afterthought'
What's the plan for students returning to uni?
Latest Updates
'I thought strokes only happened to the elderly'
By Kate Scotter
BBC News, East
Three young stroke survivors share their stories to help raise awareness.
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16:56 7 May
The Aboriginal boy teaching Australia a lesson
By Vibeke Venema
BBC News
A film about an Aboriginal boy's experience of school shines a light on Australia's failure to give all children a fair start.
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11:22 7 May
Pupil trips up education secretary
By Hannah Richardson
BBC News education reporter
Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is wrong-footed by a 10-year-old interviewer armed with a secondary school maths question.
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8:09 7 May
Council failed to keep tenants safe, report finds
Residents in a South Norwood block of flats had to live with mould and leaks for several years.
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7:36 7 May
'Nerve-racking' for 16 and 17-year-olds
Three pupils from Stanwell School, Penarth, cast votes for the first time and described the excitement of the process.
A-level politics student Davis, 17, from Penarth, said it was "nerve-racking" as his course has taught him it is about people giving the power to others and "putting their trust" in them.
He voted Liberal Democrat for the constituency and the Green Party on the regional list.
Amelia, 17, from Sully, said last week's debate television shows influenced her and she voted Labour constituency and Liberal Democrat regional.
Jed, 16, from Sully, said: "I voted Labour on both votes. I was looking for the party that helps the most people and they were who I believed would."
3:16 7 May
Comedy stars Lee and Walsh to perform charity gig
By Harriet Robinson
The Bristol variety show will be live streamed in support of volunteering organisation Gig Buddies.
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3:02 7 May
Cambridge Uni student gathering 'slap in the face'
Hundreds of students gathered on Jesus Green for a "Caesarean Sunday" celebration.
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1:33 7 May
'Do I get a sticker?' How did first time voters feel?
Young voters: 'I was so happy to be part of this historic moment'
As with any election, a number of younger people were eligible to vote for the first time, including 16 and 17-year-olds.
Two of those who voted spoke to BBC Radio Wales this morning.
Oscar Griffin, 18, from Cardiff said: “I felt there was a lot of build-up, there’s been a lot of campaigning about how important it is for young people to vote in this election and it took 10 seconds.
“You just write on the paper and you leave and that’s it and you think ‘do I get a sticker? Is that it'?"
Sixteen-year-old Rosie said: “I enjoyed it. It felt like an experience that was a sort of first step for me towards my independence in this country and it was a very lovely experience."
16:27 6 May
The violent judo class that put a boy in a coma
By Cindy Sui
BBC News, Taipei
The incident in Taiwan shows a tendency to allow child abuse in the name of discipline, experts say.
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16:02 6 May
Lockdown left poor pupils further behind in maths
The gap between poor pupils and their classmates is unlikely to narrow without intervention, researchers say.
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13:20 6 May
'I was so happy to be part of this historic moment'

Young voters: 'I was so happy to be part of this historic moment'
People from the age of 16 were able to vote in the Welsh election for the first time.
12:29 6 May
School clothes hire shop helps pupils attend prom
Hessle High School set up the dress and suit hire after a girl could not afford to attend its prom.
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8:51 6 May
Learning the lessons of 1981's homes of the future
Forty years ago, a display of "innovative" homes was built to show how we might live in the future.
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8:15 6 May
Vaccines welcomed at learning disability school
By Ben Philip
BBC Scotland reporter
The pop-up centre for young people with support needs in Aberdeen is a "passport to freedom".
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8:05 6 May
Stars oppose plan to cut university arts funding
Jarvis Cocker, Maxine Peake and Bernardine Evaristo all oppose the government proposals.
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6:12 6 May
Students answer friends' questions about Ramadan
Students explain Ramadan to their non-Muslim friends
2:42 6 May
Tributes paid to 'happy and vibrant' schoolgirl
A school is left "devastated" after an 11-year-old pupil died after becoming unwell.
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14:00 5 May
Father calls for proof of age on pornography sites
By Branwen Jeffreys
Education Editor
A father and an Oxford student seek a High Court hearing to require age verification on porn sites.
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11:07 5 May
'I've cried myself to sleep in hostels'
'I've cried myself to sleep in hostels'
The number of people seeking emergency accommodation soared in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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