Scotland results
129 of 129 seats
65 seats needed for majority

Wales results
60 of 60 seats
31 seats needed for majority

England results
132 of 143 councils
Number of councillors

PM calls devolution summit after SNP triumph
Boris Johnson tells leaders of the devolved nations people are "best served when we work together".
What are the results in my area?
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Sadiq Khan wins second term as London mayor
What the results mean for Scottish independence
Laura Kuenssberg
Political editor
Sturgeon celebrates 'extraordinary' SNP victory
Labour's deputy leader sacked as party chair
Tories continue gains in English local elections
Drakeford says Covid response kept Wales Labour
First woman of colour elected to Welsh Parliament
Sir John Curtice: What the results mean for the parties
Andy Burnham wins landslide mayoral election
Sadiq Khan 'humbled' by re-election
'End the London-centric Labour Party'
'Indyref is the will of the country'
Features & Analysis
Some lessons so far from the elections
Laura Kuenssberg
Political editor
Labour insiders on Starmer, what went wrong and how to fix it
When will we find out the election results?
Latest Updates
Sadiq Khan wins second term as London mayor
The former MP will serve for another three years after beating Conservative rival Shaun Bailey.
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Tories continue gains in English local elections
The Conservatives won the West Midlands mayoral race - but lost West of England to Labour.
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Sadiq Khan 'humbled' by re-election as mayor
Sadiq Khan says he's "humbled" by his re-election as Mayor London.
PM calls devolution summit after SNP triumph
By Joseph Lee
BBC News
Boris Johnson tells leaders of the devolved nations people are "best served when we work together".
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First woman of colour elected to Welsh Parliament
By Rachel Flint
BBC News
Natasha Asghar hopes to inspire others and said the Senedd should reflect "more diverse communities".
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Sunday count for Police and Crime Commissioner vote
The results of Wales' four Police and Crime Commissioner elections will be be announced on Sunday.
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Drakeford says Covid response kept Wales Labour
Mark Drakeford is set to stay as first minister after Labour won the most Senedd election seats.
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What the results mean for Scottish independence
By Laura Kuenssberg
Political editor
In the fight between Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon, there can only be one winner.
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Nicola Sturgeon's to-do list after election victory
Glenn Campbell
BBC Scotland Political Editor
Having secured a fourth term in power for the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon is not short of things to do as first minister.
She has to form a government - that could be another SNP-only administration, unless she wants to explore a more formal arrangement with the independence-supporting Greens to secure an outright majority.
She has to reshuffle her ministers, with four cabinet posts - including that of health secretary - needing filled as a result of retirements.
There are also important decisions that need to be taken on coronavirus - with a further easing of restrictions due on 17 May, plans to reopen international travel to consider and concern over Covid cases in Moray to address.
Ms Sturgeon has insisted that dealing with the pandemic and its aftermath will be her immediate priority - although clearly she intends to press the case for another independence referendum too.
There are also formalities - being sworn in with the other 128 MSPs on Thursday, before putting herself forward in parliament for re-election as first minister the following week.
'End the London-centric Labour Party'
Andy Burnham: 'End the London-centric Labour Party'
The re-elected Mayor of Greater Manchester says Labour has lost its "emotional connection" with people.
First women of colour elected to Holyrood
Kaukab Stewart of the SNP and Pam Gosal of the Conservatives both win Scottish Parliament seats.
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'My honour to be first Welsh political woman of colour'
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Welsh election 2021: First female MS of colour hopes to inspire change
Natasha Asghar is the first woman from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background to hold a seat in the Senedd in 22 years.
Labour's deputy leader sacked as party chair
Angela Rayner has also been removed as campaign coordinator following Labour's poor election results.
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'Indyref is the will of the country'
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Nicola Sturgeon: 'Indyref is the will of the country'
Nicola Sturgeon has said that another independence referendum is the "will of the country".
Sturgeon: Indyref2 a 'fundamental democratic principle'
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon says "The people of Scotland must have the right to decide our own future when the Covid crisis has passed."
Ms Sturgeon says a referendum on independence is now "a matter of fundamental democratic principle".
The first minister says there is likely to be a larger pro-independence majority than in the last parliament.
"Both the SNP and Scottish Greens stood on a clear commitment to an independence referendum within the next parliamentary term," she says.
"And both of us made clear that the timing of a referendum should be decided by a simple majority of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament."
Ms Sturgeon said there was "no democratic justification whatsoever" for Boris Johnson to block a referendum.
"If the Tories make such an attempt, they won't be placing themselves in opposition to the SNP, they will be standing in direct opposition to the will of the Scottish people.
"They will demonstrate conclusively that the UK is not a partnership of equals and astonishingly that Westminster no longer sees it as a voluntary union of nations," she added.
"That in itself would be a most powerful argument for Scotland becoming an independent country."
'I may be the first, I will not be the last'
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Kaukab Stewart: 'I may be the first, I will not be the last'
The first women of colour elected to Holyrood has told other women and girls of colour in Scotland that the parliament belongs to them.
Sturgeon highlights 'scale and the record breaking nature of our victory'
Nicola Sturgeon says: "Absolutely no-one would have predicted the scale and the record breaking nature of our victory at this election."
The SNP leader explains if her party wins 62 constituency seats that is 85% of the total. There is just Edinburgh North and Leith to be declared, but it is expected to be an SNP hold.
"Most of all I want to thank the people of Scotland for putting their trust in me and the SNP once again. We will work to repay that trust every day," she says.
"Wherever you are from, whatever age you are, whatever your background, and no matter who you voted for, the SNP in government is dedicated to working for you."
Her immediate and overriding task will be to keep everyone as safe as possible and guide the country back to normality and on to recovery, she adds.
Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases?
A daily update on the number and location of coronavirus cases in Scotland.
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Sturgeon: 'A quite extraordinary achievement for the SNP'
Nicola Sturgeon says she said all along that a majority for the SNP was a long shot.
However she adds: "I am thrilled with our result."
The SNP leader says her party has won the highest share and highest number of votes of any party in the history of devolution.
"By any standards this is a historic achievement, a quite extraordinary achievement for the SNP," she adds.
Getty Images
Ms Sturgeon goes on to say: "I now intend to get back to work to deliver on all of what we put before the Scottish people."
She says her hope to have a second independence referendum in the first half of the parliament remains realistic, but getting through the Covid crisis has to come first.
Anyone from Westminster standing in the way of indyref2 would be standing in the way of the Scottish people, she adds.
Sturgeon 'thrilled beyond words' at Kaukab Stewart's election
Nicola Sturgeon congratulates all elected MSPs and reminds them it is a huge honour to be a member of the national parliament.
The SNP leader says: "I am thrilled beyond words to see Kaubab Stewart elected.
"It has taken us far too long, more than 20 years, but today she becomes the first woman of colour to be elected to our national parliament."
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