Chernobyl alcohol drink seized by authorities
The first batch of a spirit made with ingredients grown in the Chernobyl exclusion zone is seized.
Science & Environment
Chernobyl: The end of a three-decade experiment
Rare fish set for return to breeding grounds
China emissions top all developed nations combined
Road and rail building plans under review
Big Chinese rocket segment set to fall to Earth
Cutting methane gas 'crucial for climate fight'
SpaceX Starship prototype makes clean landing
Our Planet Now
How rising sea levels are threatening my home
How calls for climate justice are shaking the world
Then and now: When silence descended over Victoria Falls
Astronauts splash-land on Earth in SpaceX capsule
Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies at 90
China launches first module of new space station
Has India's pandemic peaked?
Why is this the 'most instagrammable' bird?
Food giants respond to worries over packaging
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Dead fish mystery in Lebanese lake
Mystery of why thousands of fish have died in Lebanese lake
A search for answers as at least 40 tonnes of carp float to the surface.
Good spirits in NYC over snowfall

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Big Chinese rocket segment set to fall to Earth
By Jonathan Amos
BBC Science Correspondent
Tracking radars are following closely the gradual fall to Earth of a large Chinese rocket vehicle.
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11:17 7 May
RSPB in netting call over 'heartbreaking' video
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Kittiwakes: RSPB in netting call over 'heartbreaking' video
The RSPB calls for netting on buildings to be taken down because it stops kittiwakes from nesting.
11:11 7 May
Amazon deforestation rises ahead of dry season
Destruction of the rainforest rose by 43% in April compared to the same month last year, data shows.
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8:10 7 May
Taiwan's indigenous groups lose hunting fight
Campaigners argued that existing rules around the hunting of wild game were discriminatory.
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7:03 7 May
The hippo with a unique rainy day hobby
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Fiona the hippo catches raindrops and goes viral
Fiona the hippo, star of the Cincinnati Zoo, has a unique rainy day hobby.
4:23 7 May
Drivers warned as Wales braces for heavy rain
A yellow warning for persistent and heavy rain has been issued for Wales from Saturday morning.
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3:02 7 May
California condors swoop on home and 'declare war'
The large protected birds are "messing with stuff and pooping everywhere", the family says.
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2:29 7 May
Kenya launching first national wildlife census
Nairobi National Park is on the southern edge of Kenya's capital
The authorities in Kenya are launching the first ever national wildlife census.
The exercise will be officially start in eastern Kenya at the Shimba Hills National Reserve on Friday.
The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said the national wildlife census was aimed at finding out the total number of wild animals and how they were distributed.
The exercise would also "determine wildlife population trends over time and identify threats to wildlife conservation", the service stated.
The KWS and the Wildlife Research and Training Institute - an independent organisation that undertakes research in wildlife conservation and management - will be involved.
The wildlife service manages 55 wildlife parks, reserves and sanctuaries.
Illegal poaching has reduced the number of elephants and rhinos with conservation efforts increased to protect wildlife.
Tourism is one of Kenya’s biggest income earner for the government.
0:40 7 May
Derry students help unearth World War Two aircraft
The twin-engine World War Two plane crashed outside Ballykelly, County Londonderry, in April 1942.
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22:16 6 May
'Feeding wild ponies could be killing them'
By Chris Dearden
BBC Wales News
TV farmer Gareth Wyn Jones' warning after veg was found where two sick animals were discovered.
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21:40 6 May
Chinese rocket debris could crash back on to Earth
The rocket carried parts of a new space station and now no one knows where and when it will fall.
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16:17 6 May
Rare fish set for return to breeding grounds
One of the UK's rarest fish is set to benefit from a conservation project to unlock the River Severn.
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16:16 6 May
Plastic bag charge to double to 10p in all shops
The price rise for single-use bags will be extended to all businesses in England from 21 May.
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12:29 6 May
Four rare male birds recorded on Rathlin Island
The corncrake is one of Northern Ireland's rarest birds and population has been in decline since the 1980s.
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10:34 6 May
DNA test identifies member of 1845 Arctic voyage
Researchers match the DNA of a South African man with a sailor on the doomed Franklin expedition.
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8:51 6 May
Learning the lessons of 1981's homes of the future
Forty years ago, a display of "innovative" homes was built to show how we might live in the future.
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8:40 6 May
Mystery animal box craze causes outrage in China
The "blind box" craze sees people order a box containing a mystery animal that is sent in the post.
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8:32 6 May
The rocky road to SpaceX's smooth rocket landing
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SpaceX: The rocky road to a smooth rocket landing
As the latest Starship prototype completes a successful ascent and landing, here's its route to success.
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