BBC News - Libya crisis
16 October 2012 Last updated at 11:26
Has Libya bucked the Islamist trend?
The BBC's Rana Jawad considers whether this conservative country has become less religious than its post-revolutionary neighbours
Latest news
Jibril: National unity for Libya
Libyans flock to historic polls
'No fair trial' for Gaddafi's son
Freed ICC staff fly out of Libya
Libya's clashes leave 105 dead
Libya jails 'foreign mercenaries'
BP to resume operations in Libya
Libya reopens its stock exchange
Features & Analysis
Curse of Sirte?
Are residents of Gaddafi home town being punished?
Disarming Libya's militias
Tackling militants in the wake of the killing of US ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi
Insult to injury
Massive abuse of Libya scheme to treat those wounded in battle
A tale of two cities
The wartorn cities of Sirte and Misrata have contrasting views on the future
Going home to the new Libya
Tarik Kafala returns to the country he left as a child, he found some things barely changed
Rebels without a cause
Libyan rebel fighters who liberated Tripoli re beginning to test people's patience
Libya's story: The fall of Gaddafi
A look back at the past eight months of conflict
Family tree
Find out more about Gaddafi's family
Profile: Mahmoud Jibril
Profile: New PM Abdurrahim al-Keib
Profile: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
Who is Abdel Hakim Belhadj?
Profile: Khamis Gaddafi
Profile: Mustafa Abdul Jalil
Libya country profile
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How Muammar Gaddafi died
Chaotic end to Col Muammar Gaddafi's life
Demand recognition
Libya's Amazigh hoping for a brighter future after end of Gaddafi
Looking for cash
The Libyan economy struggles to get back on its feet
Secrets of 'cleansed' town
National unity fraught with difficulty after overthrow of Gaddafi
Empowerment battle
Libyan women have new battle to fight
Final days
Gaddafi died an angry man, say his ex-aides
Counting the cost
How many civilians died in Nato air strikes?
Revolution retrospective
Memorable moments from the six-month uprising
Fighting for jobs
As stability returns the next battle is youth unemployment
Grotesque theatre
Was Gaddafi the last of the buffoon dictators?
Underground heroes
The network of Tripoli residents who joined anti-Gaddafi forces
Baptism of blood
Brutal death could come back to haunt new Libya
Killing fields
Main sites of alleged Tripoli atrocities
Missing missiles
On the trail of lost weaponry in post-revolutionary Libya
Timeline: Gaddafi's rise and fall
The life of Col Gaddafi in pictures, text and video
Hidden treasures
How Libya's ancient heritage survived the revolution
Gaddafi's Libya
A history of his totalitarian and quixotic regime
Deadly legacy
The Gaddafi landmines still killing civilians
Q&A: Libya conflict
Background to the conflict and what happens next?
Key figures
Those jockeying for position in the post-Gaddafi era
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