Between The Covers
Between the Covers: Ranvir Singh, Micky Flanagan, Sophie Willan and Reginald D. Hunter reveal their favourite books
15 June 2021
In the final episode of this series of Between the Covers, Sara Cox is joined by another four guests to discuss their favourite books. The choices on this week's show include an early example of the modern detective novel by Wilkie Collins, and a classic from Irvine Welsh.
Between the Covers brings the nation together for an irreverent weekly book club. Four guests review the week’s book club picks and also reveal the books they treasure as their all-time favourites. For the sixth and final episode in this series, Sara Cox's guests are Ranvir Singh, Micky Flanagan, Reginald D Hunter and Sophia Willan.
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Sara is joined by presenter Ranvir Singh, comedians Micky Flanagan and Reginald D Hunter, and comedian and actor Sophia Willan.
Episode 6 Recommendations
The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins
Chosen by Ranvir Singh
One of, if not the, first true detective novel in the English language, The Moonstone tells the story of a priceless Indian diamond that has gone missing.

It’s not a book I would ever have picked up…
Ranvir Singh
“It’s not a book I would ever have picked up… now it’s one of my favourites. The character in it, Gabriel Betteredge, is a servant. He is a funny, doddery character who has a really quirky sense of humour and he’s now one of my favourite characters in any book.”
Presenter Ranvir Singh chooses The Moonstone
Glue by Irvine Welsh
Chosen by Micky Flanagan
Glue, which stretches from the 1970s to the 2000s, is about four boys and how their lives intersect and change over time.

He nailed that working class kid growing up.
Micky Flanagan
“I’m a massive fan. I’ve read every one of Irvine Welsh’s books. I think it’s his best book. Anyone who’s grown up on a council estate or a scheme, or in a really contained place where you don’t really leave - when you do leave, some way or another, you are all drawn back there. He nailed that working class kid growing up.”
Comedian Micky Flanagan chooses Glue
Planet Young by Gerry Potter
Chosen by Sophie Willan
A collection of autobiographical verse traversing the domestic and the fantastic.

You feel like you’re on a night out with him.
Sophie Willan
“I love Potter. This book is really direct, well-rounded … It’s not pretentious in any way; it’s got loads of humour. You feel like you’re on a night out with him. It’s just very universal.”
Actor Sophie Willan chooses Planet Young
The Joke by Milan Kundera
Chosen by Reginald D. Hunter
Kundera's first novel, published in Czechoslovakia in 1967, centres on Ludvik Jahn, a sarcastic man prone to jokes, and the way his actions affect those around him. Salman Rushdie said, “It is impossible to do justice here to the subtleties, comedy and wisdom of this very beautiful novel.”

Russia... Communism... it just humanised both for me.
Reginald D. Hunter
“As an American who’s been hearing 'Russia, Russia, Russia, Communism, Communism' all my life, it just humanised both for me. Communism is just a system. It’s not made by Satan. And it just failed.”
Comedian Reginald D. Hunter chooses The Joke
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