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Series exploring the world of words and the ways in which we use them
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Coinages that changed the world – and some that tried to...
Exploring the hidden histories of obscure words, and common buzz phrases.
Realness, fierceness and throwing shade
What is LGBTQIA+ slang and why is it so important?
What makes Hilary Mantel’s writing so good?
The acclaimed author shares her secrets.
Ittibitium, borborygmus, and Ba humbugi – 14 wonderful science words you’ve never heard of
Michael Rosen puts the language of science under the microscope.
Seven essential tips for improving your writing
Straightforward and concise advice from language guru Lane Greene.
How to talk like a Samaritan
What are the right and the wrong things to say to someone who is struggling to cope?
David Walliams on writing for children
Comedian and writer David Walliams talks to Michael Rosen about writing children’s books.
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Keywords for Our Time
Series of programmes examining key phrases in public debate.
Game on! The language of video games explained
With terms like 'epic fail' entering our daily vocab, it's time for you to level up.
Smiley face: Seven things you didn't know about emoji
Some facts about emoji - possibly the world's first truly global form of communication.
Don't be mardy! What eight old words actually mean
What's a gubbins? Or a mosey? Find out the origins of old words and phrases.
Seven ways to make your small talk big
Transform your small talk from bland cliché to earth-shattering rhetoric.
I am not a number!
The weird and wonderful world of naming houses.
How to speak like Shakespeare?
Get the bard in your corner with this video guide.
How did Shakespeare speak?
Ben Crystal reads Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 in Original Pronunciation.
How to read the Cockney alphabet
Michael Rosen reads through the Cockney alphabet, from A for 'orses to Z for his hat.
Philip Pullman on 'His Dark Materials'
Philip Pullman reveals why he chose the name, Lyra.
Bags stuck in a tree? No, they're witches' knickers!
Michael Rosen on the evocative words used to describe features of the British landscape.
What is bad language?
Lexicographer of slang and swearing Jonathon Green talks about where slang comes from.
How did x come to mean kiss?
Do you sign off your messages with x? Ever wondered where this behaviour comes from?
Why did humans learn to speak but not animals?
How come humans learn to speak while other animals don't?
Brand name disasters
Anyone for some ISIS Belgian chocolate?
How to count one to ten in old English
Michael Rosen and Dr Laura Wright explore the numbers one to ten
The funny words that kids invent
Have a look at some of the fantastic words that children invent and reimagine.
Do you have the authority to name a plant?
River Cottage forager John Wright talks Latin naming conventions with Dr Laura Wright.
Who would win in a fight - print or eBooks?
Professor Naomi Baron joins Word of Mouth to discuss the future of reading
Ralph Keyes on some controversial Americanisms
'The Online Me' a poem by Laura Dockrill
Word of Mouth on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show
Gemma Cairney asks Grimmers the important question, LOL or YOLO?
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