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What can you do in 4 minutes? Feed your curiosity and learn cool stuff with Radio 4 in Four.
Lost for Words – what happens to language in the onset of dementia?
David Shariatmadari explores language as reflected in his father’s experience of dementia
The Football History Quiz
How far back does your football knowledge stretch? Take our fun You're Dead To Me quiz!
1971: The year that changed food forever?
The Food Programme’s Dan Saladino asks – was 1971 a turning point for how the world eats?
The Great Apostrophe Quiz
An entertaining quiz to illustrate the trickiest of punctuation elements – the apostrophe
Living with OCD: 5 Key Questions Answered
Tuppence Middleton has fascinating conversations with fellow-sufferers, and experts.
Six things we didn’t know about the Beatles
A selection of surprising and revealing stories from Craig Brown's Beatles biography.
Neat! Spring cleaning tips from around the world
Spring cleaning blues? Take inspiration from bizarre worldwide cleaning traditions.
Will we all be replaced by robots?
Sangita Myska investigates ways of keeping humans relevant at work.
Eight remarkable tales of the Empress of Blues
Jackie Kay narrates the life story of the troubled blues singer, Bessie Smith.
Women and words: why language matters
How sexism is reflected in the English language and why the words we choose are important
Realness, fierceness and throwing shade
What is LGBTQIA+ slang and why is it so important?
Edison was not the first to record the human voice...
How a forgotten sound pioneer rewrote the history of recording.
The Ultimate Pizza Quiz
Eight questions to test your knowledge of the mouthwateringly popular international dish.
Can we be bothered to clean anymore?
In a third lockdown with the winter gloom can we be bothered to clean anymore?
How to learn a language: tips from a polyglot
With interest in language learning soaring in the past year, here is some useful advice.
Happy Design: why we're redecorating with bright colours
New collections are full of cheerful artwork, bright colours and patterns to boost mood.
Working from bed: "I make two cups of tea to save going downstairs"
Why some people are deciding to not only work from home, but to work from bed.
The Virus Hunters: heroes racing to extinguish new pathogens
The unending quest to track down viruses which could mutate and infect us at any time.
Seven celebrity book choices to keep your brain busy
If you’re in need of a little literary escapism at the moment, look no further.
How to wash your hands properly
A look at how we learnt to wash our hands thanks to Ignaz Semmelweiss.
How we can hold on to those we’ve lost
Grief is an inevitable and necessary process that we must all go through in order to heal
How high is your cat's IQ?
Driving test delays: slots aren't available for months
How Pick-Your Own has boomed
Something borrowed: the latest wedding trend
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