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Registering for Classes
Understanding when and how you should register for classes is important. If you are a current BGSU student, you will find all the details you need to know about course registration below. You should review the following information very carefully to ensure your schedule is set up for success.
If you are going to be a new student at BGSU next year, you can find details about your registration on the new student orientation web page
1. Understand
the Basics
2. Know when to
Register for Classes
3. Check
Your Holds
4. Meet with
Your Advisor
5. Prepare Your 
Class Schedule
6. Register
for Classes
You are responsible for scheduling your classes. Meeting with an advisor does not mean your classes have been scheduled. Your Academic and Career Planning Specialist will go over any questions you have, your class options and help you understand what courses are required for graduation, but they will not schedule your classes for you. The remaining steps on this page will help you understand the registration process and help you schedule your classes. 
If you have any questions or need further information, email us at registrar@bgsu.edu​.
Late Registration
After the term begins, late registrations are restricted by available class space and are subject to late registration and late payment fees. A late registration fee begins the eighth calendar day of classes. In addition, no student entering after the close of the first week of a term is permitted to carry a full program of courses without permission of the dean of the college in which they are enrolled.
Understanding Prerequisites
Understanding Prerequisites 
A prerequisite is something that must be completed or a condition that must be met before you can register for a class. 
What is an example of a prerequisite?
Example: STAT 2120—You must have passed STAT 2110 or be currently registered for the course. Some courses might require the prior completion of another, lower level course while others might require you to be in a certain major or class standing. Not all courses have prerequisites.
Before I begin registering for classes, how do I learn whether there is a prerequisite for a course that I want to take?
Browse the Course Catalog and review the course description prior to registering for classes.
How are prerequisites enforced?
The registration system checks to see if a prerequisite exists for a course and will not let you register unless you have completed the prerequisite. You will receive the following error message: "You have not met the prerequisites for this course. See the department for assistance." Not all prerequisites, however, are coded in the registration system. Verify, using the Browse Catalog, that you have met all the prerequisites prior to enrolling in classes. If you get registered for a course without having met the prerequisite, the department or faculty member will ask you to drop the class.
If I am currently enrolled in the prerequisite for a course, can I register for the second course?
Yes. But if you drop or fail the first course, you will need to drop the second course.
Who can I talk with about course prerequisites?
The academic department that offers the course can explain the course's prerequisite. The detailed information you can find for each course by using the web-based schedule of classes includes the department's address and telephone number. Click here to access the online schedule of classes.
Course Delivery
Courses are being delivered in four modes during the academic year, but there are distinct differences students should take time to review. We have listed out the differences of each class modes below and identified which semester each mode will be offered.
Please note, all BGSU classrooms allow for six feet of physical distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines, and face coverings will continue to be required in all indoor spaces.
Students who need to make an accommodation request to fully participate in one or more of their classes due to a disability should connect with the Office of Accessibility Services. The office can be reached from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday at access@bgsu.edu or 419-372-8495. 
In-Person (P)
Courses instructed in this mode are what students would have expected in a traditional class before COVID-19. Students registered for a course taught in this mode will be expected to attend each class session in person.
Accommodation requests for all courses can be made through Accessibility Services.
NEW – Blended (BL)
Courses instructed in this mode combine in-person and virtual elements as determined by the instructor. Students who register for a Blended course will have at least one in-person class meeting per week. Some virtual elements may meet according to a specified schedule, while others may be completed on the student’s own time, as long as deadlines are met.
Instructors will provide information about the format of their Blended class closer to the start of the semester.
A small number of "Blended" courses are considered BGSUSync courses. These courses will be taught in specially equipped classrooms where some students will participate in person while others participate virtually at the same time.
Accommodation requests for all courses can be made through Accessibility Services.
Remote (RE)
Courses instructed in this mode will meet virtually according to the published class schedule. Students who register for a course taught in this mode will have real-time interaction with their instructor and peers during class sessions.
Accommodation requests for all courses can be made through Accessibility Services.
Online (WB)
Courses instructed in this mode do not meet on specific days and times. Students registered for a course taught in this mode will be able to complete coursework on their own time, as long as deadlines are met.
Students will also be asked to engage in substantive interactions throughout the semester.
Accommodation requests for all courses can be made through Accessibility Services.
If you are admitted to BGSU, have a valid BGSU email account and no holds on your account, you may register for classes according to the schedule outlined below, through your MyBGSU account. Learn more about this process in the Register for Classes section on this web page. 
The dates listed below are when the registration system will open based on student classification. You can locate additional calendars on our Academic Calendars web page.
  • Graduate Students
  • Non-Degree Graduate Students
  • Authorized Seniors
  • Authorized Juniors
Authorized Sophomores
Authorized Freshmen
The system will open for everyone, including CCP students.
Authorized Student | Authorized students are part of specific groups that are given early access to registration. This includes groups like military and Honors College students. If you have not been told you are an authorized student, you will select classes on the traditional day assigned to your class standing.
Incoming New Students: The schedules listed do not reflect the dates you will be registering for classes. Because you haven't started a semester at BGSU, class registration will be one of the steps in your orientation process. You will be sent information on meeting with an Academic and Career Planning Specialist and registering for class from the Office of Admissions. It's important you read your BGSU email account and follow the instructions provided to you by your advisors.
Transfer Students: As a transfer student, you are new to BGSU just like all first-year students but you have already earned credits at another institution. Because of this, your registration date can vary. Some transfer students will follow the exact same process listed for new students and others may follow a different path. It's important you read your BGSU email account and follow the instructions provided to you by your advisors. 
If you have a hold on your account, you will not be able to register for classes.
If you are a first year student, you will be REQUIRED to meet with your Academic and Career Planning Specialist (advisor) prior to registering your classes. Please review the Advising section on this web page to learn more about this process prior to your class registration date.
There are many other reasons why you could have a hold on your account so it's very important you check your holds prior to your class registration date.
1. Log in to MyBGSU & click on the 'Student Center' card
2. Look at the 'Action Items' tile. 
This means you do not have a hold and the class registration system will open for you in accordance with the Class Enrollment Calendar
This means you will not be able to register for classes until the hold has been lifted.* Go to step 3 to learn how to remove your hold.
* STUDENT ATHLETES: If you see an athletic hold on your account, it will not prevent you from registering for classes. This is a different type of hold that prevents you from being able to drop a course without speaking to your athletic advisor. Please contact your Student-Athlete Services Academic Coordinator or Meghan Horn if you are unsure who your coordinator is.
3. Click the 'Action Items' tile and select 'Holds' on the left-hand navigation to see what type of hold is on your account.
Please contact our office for further assistance at 419-372-8441 or registrar@bgsu.edu.
Read more about the hold listed on your account and follow the instructions provided.
We highly recommend you reach out to your Academic and Career Planning Specialist (advisor) or assigned faculty member, no matter your class standing, prior to scheduling your classes – but if you are a first-time new student this semester at BGSU, you will be REQUIRED to meet with your Academic and Career Planning Specialist prior to registering your classes. If you attempt to register for classes prior to meeting this requirement, you will see a hold on your account. Please review the Holds section on this webpage to learn how to check if you have a hold on your account.
It is also important for you to know that you are responsible for scheduling your classes. Meeting with an advisor does not mean your classes have been scheduled. Your advisor will go over any questions you have, your class options and help you understand what courses are required for graduation, but they will not schedule your classes for you. Please visit the Academic and Career Planning Advising web pages listed below to learn more about advising and to book your appointment.
Mandatory Advising Appointments
Contact your Advisor
The BGSU Spring 2022 Course Schedule is scheduled to open on Monday, Sept. 27! Courses may continue to be added and/or adjusted to address student demand and accommodate COVID-19 health and safety requirements. From Sept. 27-Oct. 17, you will only be able to search the course offerings. Starting on Oct. 18, course enrollment will begin based on class standing. Please see the course enrollment schedule listed on this page to find when the system will open for you.
You will be able to start reviewing class options about a month prior to the registration system opening. This is the time to start looking at your options and building your schedule. We recommend doing this prior to meeting with your Academic and Career Planning Specialist (advisor) and at the latest, prior to your registration day. Going through this process will help you think of questions when meeting with your advisor and can help speed up your registration process when the system opens for you.
Please note: Preparing a shopping cart prior to registration opening does not guarantee there will be an opening in the class when you are able to register. 
1. Log in and go to: MyBGSU > Student Center > Classes & Registration
2. Click 'Class Search' in the left navigation menu. 
3. Click 'Term' (Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter) then click the 'Continue' button.
4. Start the search process by clicking the 'Search' button.
5. On the next screen you will see many different options to modify and narrow your search. Use this page to find the classes you are interested in.
It is important to narrow your search using the 'Instruction Mode' drop-down if you do not want to attend class in-person. This is where you can specify your preference on how the course will be taught. For the majority of students, there are only FOUR modes that need to be considered:
  • In-Person (P)| In-person participation is required.
  • Blended (BL) | In-person participation is required.
  • Remote (RE) | No in-person participation required.
  • Online (WB) | No in-person participation required.
Learn more about these
Course Modes
6. Once you have identified a class you want to enroll in, click the 'Select' button and then click the 'Next' button. – Doing this adds the course to your shopping cart. 
7. Repeat this process until all the classes you want to take are selected and in your shopping cart.
Now you are all set until it's your official time to register for classes.
Placing these classes in your cart does not guarantee your enrollment. There is still a chance a class may fill up by the time it's your turn to register. Please review the class registration section on this page for more information about this process.
Meeting with your Academic and Career Planning Specialist (advisor) and building your class shopping cart does not mean your classes have been registered. You must complete the following steps to officially enroll in your classes.
You can find your exact registration date at MyBGSU > Student Center > Classes & Registration > Enrollment Dates
Find my
Registration Date
1. Log in and go to: MyBGSU > Student Center > Classes & Registration > Shopping Cart
2. Finalize the shopping cart you prepared prior to your registration day – If you haven't built your shopping cart, please follow the steps in the Prepare Your Class Schedule section on this web page.
3. Check the status of your classes. 
Green Circle = Open | Blue Square = Closed | Yellow Triangle = Waitlisted
If a class is listed as closed, you will not be able to enroll in it. So, if a class in your cart is closed we recommend replacing that class with an open class.
If a class in your cart is waitlisted you can choose to replace the class with an open class, or if you would like to be added to the class if someone drops it, click on the class > check the 'Waitlist if class is full' box.
4. Once you are okay with the classes in your shopping cart, click the 'Proceed to Step 2 of 3' button.
5. Click the 'Finish Enrolling' button
6. Check the course 'Status' column in the chart.
Green Check Mark = Class Scheduled | Red X = Not Scheduled
If you see a message stating you are on the waitlist, it will show you what position you are on the list. When someone drops the class and you are next on the list, you will be added to the class. Once added, you will see it on your schedule. You have the option to remove yourself from the waitlist as well.
If you see an error message, this means the class is full and you are not on the waitlist. At this time, you can choose to search for an open class, or if you would like to be added to the waitlist, go back to the class and check the 'Waitlist if class is full' box and follow the process again.
7. Double check to make sure all of your classes appear on your schedule by clicking the 'My Class Schedule' button.
If everything looks okay, you are all set for next semester! If you need assistance or have questions, please contact our office at 419-372-8441 or registrar@bgsu.edu. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday-Friday.

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