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Election 2020
Biden Sworn In Amid Historic Challenges: ‘This Is America’s Day’
Biden Opens His Era With Plea to End ‘Uncivil War’ Left by Trump
Biden Team Fears Virus Surge Imperils Pledge to Curb Pandemic
Biden, McConnell Join in Prayer But Face Tests of Fraught Ties
Biden Stimulus Gets Skeptical Response From GOP Moderates
Biden Moves Swiftly to Unwind Trump Immigration, Health Policies
Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman: ‘Even as We Grieved, We Grew’
Photos: Scenes From an Inauguration Without Precedent
by David Rovella and Eugene Reznik
President-elect Biden
Biden Opens His Era With Plea to End ‘Uncivil War’ Left by Trump
Biden Sworn In Amid Historic Challenges: ‘This Is America’s Day’
Biden Moves Swiftly to Unwind Trump Immigration, Health Policies
Trump Pardons Bannon, Lil Wayne, Broidy, But Not Himself
Trump Leaves Town an Outcast, Trailed by Pandemic, Job Losses
Citizen Trump: The Many Paths Ahead for the Ex-President
What Biden’s Presidency Means for the Paris Climate Agreement
Why a $15 Minimum Wage Is Both Old Hat and New Fight
What Does a Green Grid Mean, and Can Biden Make One?
How the Senate Strategy Known as Reconciliation Works
Insurrection? Sedition? Unpacking the Legal Issues From the Capitol Riot
Why Big Tech and Conservatives Are Clashing on Free Speech
What a 50-50 Senate Means, for Biden and for the U.S.
2020 U.S. Election Results
by Allison McCartney, Mira Rojanasakul, Paul Murray, Brittany Harris, Julian Burgess and Alyssa Vann
Ramesh Ponnuru
Trump Turned Republicans Into Losers
Bad presidential character, not stolen votes or Joe Biden, is the reason Democrats are back in power.
Matthew Yglesias
On Day One, Biden Can Start Winning the Midterms
For Democrats, the key to success in 2022 is a disciplined agenda in 2021.  
Brooke Sample
Joe Biden’s Big Job
With the inauguration finally upon us, the new president can get down to the business of running the country.
Michael R. Bloomberg
Call the Senate Vote on Trump's Removal and Be Done With It
Lawmakers shouldn't dawdle. The country has no time to spare.
Timothy L. O'Brien
Even McConnell Is Happy to See Trump Impeached
The president barely seems to notice that the fissures he’s opened are now swallowing him.
Mark Gongloff
How Wall Street Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Democrats
Unified government can boost the economy and maybe quell the political turmoil for a while. 
Elaine Ou
You Can’t Keep Rage Off the Internet
Big Tech has pushed Trump off major platforms. But it’s getting easier to build new ones.
Robert A. George
The RNC Is Still All In for Trump
The president endangered the life of the vice president and it doesn’t seem to matter. 
Bloomberg TV: Balance of Power
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President Joe Biden Calls for Unity in Inaugural Address
President Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address on the steps of the U.S. Capitol after being sworn in as 46th president of the United States. (Source: Bloomberg)
Joe Biden Sworn In as President of the United States
Biden: We Must End This Uncivil War
Kamala Harris Is Sworn In as U.S. Vice President
Biden, Harris Lay Wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
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