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Doubt, Part 6: Talking Vaccine Doubters Off The Fence Can Beat Anti-Vax Sentiment
Kristen V Brown
The only way to end the pandemic is to respectfully listen to the concerns of those wary of vaccines  
Doubt, Part 5: Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy Among Black Americans
Kristen V Brown
Black skepticism of vaccines goes far deeper than the Tuskegee experiment
Doubt, Part 4: A Look Inside the Anti-Vaxx Playbook
Kristen V Brown
How the anti-vaccine establishment is waging war against Covid-19 vaccines.
Doubt, Part 3: The Happiest Place on Earth
Kristen V Brown
The 2015 measles outbreak at Disneyland helped vaccine hesitancy into a movement.  
Doubt, Part 2: The Man Behind The Myth
Kristen V Brown
Andrew Wakefield helped sow doubt in vaccines, and that laid groundwork for vaccine skepticism today. 
Doubt, Part 1: Rumor Has it
Kristen V Brown
Even as much of the U.S. gets in line for a shot, many people’s reluctance has been decades in the making.
Episode 26: How It All Started
Jason Gale
A look at how the novel coronavirus lived before it entered humans and who it lived in. Bats.
Episode 25: Understanding Pandemics
Jason Gale
How can we make sense of the scary reality we are all now living in? Where do pandemics come from?
Episode 24: How to Buy a Better Birth
John Tozzi
The average cost of having a baby in the United States is $11,000 for people on private health insurance. But the price tag can vary by tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what hospital you go to and what doctor you see.
Episode 23: Fixing Health Care for the People It Often Fails
John Tozzi
The medical community is increasingly examining the role that poverty and difficult social circumstances play in illness. Some people are asking whether the health care system could do more to address the things that influence people’s health beyond their medical care.
Episode 22: The Doctor, the Patient, and Everything in Between
John Tozzi
What happens when one doctors’ group bucks the trend toward more concentrated health-care markets, and what might it mean for the future of the U.S. health-care system?
Episode 21: Yes, the U.S. Health-Care System Is Broken, But It Doesn’t Have to Be
John Tozzi
In 2020, Americans will spend almost $4 trillion on health care. Yet for all that spending, Americans overall tend to be less healthy and die younger than citizens of other wealthy nations.
Episode 20: Turning Back the Superbug Scourge Is Still Possible
Jason Gale
Pills we’ve relied on for decades to treat common infections simply no longer work. It’s a silent yet full-blown crisis. Yet it’s not too late. With enough will and money, the world can still turn back the rising tide of these killers among us.
Episode 19: Solving the Mystery of What Makes Hospitals So Sick
Jason Gale
It's no secret that dangerous superbugs are showing up more and more in hospitals around the world. But where do they come from?
Episode 18: A Natural Predator to Superbugs Offers Hope in Bacterial War
Jason Gale
A little-known treatment called phage therapy is helping save lives in the fight against superbugs. The viruses are the natural predator of bacteria.
Episode 17: Superbugs Deadlier Than Cancer Put Chemotherapy Into Question
Jason Gale
In India, patients and their families face a heart-wrenching choice: forgo lifesaving treatment or run the risk of a killer infection.
Episode 16: China’s Craze to DNA Test Babies Outweighs Privacy Concerns
K Oanh Ha, Daniela Wei and April Ma
Chinese consumers, just like Westerners, are lining up for DNA tests. But unlike their American and European counterparts, the Chinese appear to have far fewer qualms about privacy and sharing their data.
Episode 15: Pregnant and Sleepless, I Hoped an App Would Make Me Healthier
Naomi Kresge
Do exercise-tracking apps and gadgets like Fitbit make us healthier? Or do they just create a high-tech, data-centric illusion of control over our weight, sleep and general well-being?
Episode 14: It's Getting Harder to Keep Your Health Data Private. Here's What You Can Do About It
John Tozzi
Some of the health information we generate from apps, DNA kits and fitness trackers can be sold to brokers who trade it like a commodity. How worried should we be?
Episode 13: How I Got Cash, Gift Cards and Cryptocurrency for My DNA Data
Kristen V Brown
On our latest episode of Prognosis, reporter Kristen V. Brown sets out to peddle her own DNA to the highest bidder.
Episode 12: Finding Out You Have a Genetic Mutation May Not Be as Bad as You Think
Michelle Cortez
Scientists are learning they greatly overestimated chances of developing deadly cancers in patients with no family history of disease.
Episode 11: The Mormon Church's Quest to Save Souls Helped Fuel the DNA-Testing Boom
Kristen V Brown
A century-old quest for family records to unite relatives in heaven has transformed the church into a global leader in genealogy technology.
Episode 10: These Coders Tried to Build a Better Period App
Naomi Kresge
In the wake of privacy concerns, a group of Berlin-based feminist coders announced they were doing something different with their app.
Episode 9: She Took a DNA Test and Found a Sister, Then Another and Another
Kristen V Brown
In the genealogy business, finding out your dad isn’t your dad has a technical term: It’s called an non-paternity event, or an NPE.
Episode 8: How to Buy a Cure
Rebecca Spalding and Michelle Cortez
Some patients can't wait for pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs. They're pushing the drug industry to make the cures they and their loved ones need. But what's good for patients is also good for pharma's profits, creating a web of murky incentives that makes the issue of high drug costs all the more difficult to parse. In episode 8 of the Prognosis podcast, Bloomberg's Rebecca Spalding talks to these professional patients about their relationships to the big companies whose therapies they need.
Episode 7: Dying, Desperate Patients Get the Right to Try Unproven Cures
Michelle Cortez
Should a patient dying of a disease with no proven cure have the right to try whatever experimental drug they want? A controversial new law signed by President Trump this year says that they should, bypassing the FDA. In episode seven, Bloomberg's Michelle Fay Cortez explores what the new Right To Try law means for desperate patients who want access to experimental treatments. It isn't as simple as it sounds.
Episode 6: One Drug's $2.5 Billion Journey from Lab to Market
Rebecca Spalding and Michelle Cortez
Bloomberg's Rebecca Spalding tells the surprising journey of one life-saving drug, from discovery to market. It's a story about a Nobel Prize winner, cutting edge genetic research, billions of pharmaceutical dollars, and of all things, a worm. What does it tell us about health care in America?
Episode 5: The Quest for a Weight-Loss Drug That Actually Works
James Paton and Michelle Cortez
Researchers and pharmaceutical companies have poured time and money into developing an effective drug to combat obesity. But time and again, the drugs have failed to deliver.
Episode 4: How DNA Technology Became Cheap, Fast and Easily Accessible
Robert Langreth and Michelle Cortez
Episode 3: Searching For a Cure to PTSD at Burning Man
Kristen V Brown and Sarah McBride
In episode three of Prognosis, Kristen V. Brown and Sarah McBride take a trip to Burning Man.
Episode 2: Biohacking a Ripped Frog
Kristen V Brown and Michelle Cortez
Today we'll take you on a tour of a biohacker's DNA experiment to change how frogs—and possibly people—grow muscles. It's an experiment which he insists anyone can try at home. He'll even sell you a kit—frogs included—to do it
Episode 1: The $250 Biohack That’s Revolutionizing Life With Diabetes
Naomi Kresge and Michelle Cortez
DIYers used a security flaw to bypass the $8.3 billion insulin delivery business with a cobbled-together artificial pancreas
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