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IB Diploma
Shaped by IB teachers
Everything we do begins with you, and a clear understanding of your needs and aspirations – because we believe teachers are at the heart of learning. Through extensive global research and insight from over 200 IB teachers on the Cambridge Panel, we collaborate with you every step of the way.
Written by IB experts
We partner with authors who are passionate IB teachers, experienced examiners and experts in the IB syllabuses and pedagogy. Our authors work carefully to enable learners to understand new and challenging concepts.
Designed for exam success
Through the quality and rigour of our exam-style questions, worked examples and exam tips, your students will be fully prepared for assessment and their journey beyond.
Explore our IB resources 
See below for more information on our published resources for each of the IB subject groups.
Supporting resources now on Cambridge GO
If you are looking for our free resources that support the teaching of IB Diploma courses, please visit Cambridge GO. There you will be able to create an account and access this digital support.
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Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature
Engage your critical thinkers with our resources that support the teaching of English A: Language and Literature and English Literature.
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Group 2: Language Acquisition
Develop students’ linguistic skills with our materials for French and Spanish ab initio and French, Spanish, English and German Language B.
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Group 3: Individuals and Societies
We support your teaching of Economics, Psychology, History, Business Management and Environmental Systems and Societies.
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Group 4: Sciences
Enhance scientific knowledge and develop students’ critical thinking with our resources for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies.
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Group 5: Mathematics
Set your Mathematics students up for success. Our mapping charts enable you to use our previous series to teach the updated syllabus (first teach September 2019).
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Group 6: The Arts
Our Visual Arts resources provide students with thought-provoking material to develop analytical skills while they enhance their artistic technical ability.
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 Our Theory of Knowledge series helps your students to flourish as knowers, while our Creativity, Activity, Service guide offers practical support and advice. 
Spotlight on… Theory of Knowledge
Our new Theory of Knowledge resources take your students on a journey of exploration. They help students flourish as knowers by leading them to make connections across areas of knowledge and themes.
Our expert authors walk you through the changes to the syllabus, the new assessment, and how to make TOK relevant for your learners. 
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Bring Brighter Thinking into your classroom 
Brighter Thinking Blog
Our blog features tips, advice and ideas from educators, authors and other brighter thinkers working in education around the globe. 
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Cambridge Panel
Our exclusive research community of teachers and brighter thinkers. If you would like to be a part of our publishing, apply today!
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Brighter Thinking Pod
Listen to educators discuss challenges and opportunities in the classroom. Discover new teaching ideas and explore the latest trends.
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Experience Better Learning 
Here’s what teachers and learners from around the world are saying about us
Curt Citte
Teacher of IB Spanish and TOK, Cherokee Trail High, CO, USA
"The Cambridge Mañana series is very accessible for the High School IB Language student. I am able to use the content as it is structured, allowing me to use more of my time giving feedback to pupils and guiding their language journey instead of researching resources and planning lessons."
Peter Frengel
Teacher of IB English A, Harrisburg Academy, PA, USA
"I rely on the second edition of Brad Philpot’s coursebook as much as I did the first. Of special value are the numerous text types. The range is impressive: everything from manga, to Shakespeare excerpts, emoticons, posters, song lyrics, classical paintings, and old cartoons and advertisements."
Carolyn Heard
Teacher of IB English B, The American School in Switzerland
"The IB English B resource is astonishingly well put together, with interesting, up-to-date texts that relate to the new Language B themes along with useful exercises, discussion and plenty of ways of connecting the ideas to CAS and TOK. It is an impressively comprehensive textbook."
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