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Knowledge, curiosity, understanding
We help millions of people worldwide unlock their potential. Our qualifications, assessments, academic publications and original research spread knowledge, spark curiosity and aid understanding around the world.
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English Language Learning
Teaching and learning materials for English language learners.
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Cambridge Assessment English
Exams and qualifications for learners and teachers of English.
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Educational Resources for Schools
Print and digital books, guides, and services for teachers and learners worldwide.
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Cambridge Assessment International Education
International education programmes and qualifications for 5 to 19 year olds.
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Awarding body offering general and vocational qualifications in the United Kingdom.
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University-level research and teaching materials.
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About us
Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press have joined to form Cambridge University Press & Assessment, bringing together our expertise in research, teaching, learning and assessment.
What we do
How and why we must clean up our planet
Our bestselling books and market-leading journals influence the thinking on climate change, and carbon zero is one of our commitments to sustainability.
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Has ‘re-entry anxiety’ led to ‘flexi-schooling’?
New words for a new academic year and tips for learners and teachers
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The books we love and why
This Read a Book Day, we are sharing the books that made us laugh, cry, or changed our lives, and we are celebrating them by recommending them to others.
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The future of education
Twelve outline principles to help shape the debate around the future of teaching, learning and assessment.
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Tackling the digital divide
Discover the three questions you can ask to help tackle the digital divide in education.
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News and Insights
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How will tools, technology and pedagogy be shaping schools in 2040? ...
September 09, 2021
The relationship between marking and grading
August 03, 2021
Here’s how to solve the ‘hyper problem’ of interrupted learning...
September 09, 2021
Cambridge University Press & Assessment welcomes CogBooks...
September 08, 2021
What will individuals need to learn for success in work and life in t...
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