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Research methods in sociology and criminology

Research methods in sociology and criminology
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Social Inquiry and Bayesian Inference
Rethinking Qualitative Research
Charman, 'Andrew E.
Fairfield, Tasha
Published: Not yet published - available from March 2022
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Personal Networks
Classic Readings and New Directions in Egocentric Analysis
Small, Mario L.
Perry, Brea L.
Pescosolido, Bernice
(+ 1 other)
Published: Not yet published - available from November 2021
c.$34.99 ( )
Methods and Data Analysis for Cross-Cultural Research
van de Vijver, Fons J. R.
Leung, Kwok
Fetvadjiev, Velichko H.
(+ 2 others)
Published: June 2021
2nd Edition
$29.99 (P)
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Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Laws
An Empirical Evaluation
Logan, Wayne
Prescott, J.J.
Published: June 2021
$110.00 (C)
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A Framework for Addressing Violence and Serious Crime
Focused Deterrence, Legitimacy, and Prevention
Braga, Anthony A.
Kennedy, David M.
Published: March 2021
$20.00 (P)
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Pioneers of Sociological Science
Statistical Foundations and the Theory of Action
Goldthorpe, John H.
Published: February 2021
$29.99 (P)
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Inferential Network Analysis
Cranmer, Skyler J.
Desmarais, Bruce A.
Morgan, Jason W.
Published: January 2021
$54.99 (X)
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Developmental Criminology and the Crime Decline
A Comparative Analysis of the Criminal Careers of Two New South Wales Birth Cohorts
Payne, Jason L.
Piquero, Alexis R.
Published: October 2020
$20.00 (P)
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Living in Networks
The Dynamics of Social Relations
Bidart, Claire
Degenne, Alain
Grossetti, Michel
Published: October 2020
$29.99 (P)
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The Art of Presenting
Delivering Successful Presentations in the Social Sciences and Humanities
Harinck, Fieke
Leeuwen, Esther van
Published: October 2020
$25.99 (P)
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The Social Structure of Online Communities
Bainbridge, William Sims
Published: April 2020
$49.99 (P)
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Competing for Control
Gangs and the Social Order of Prisons
Pyrooz, David C.
Decker, Scott H.
Published: October 2019
$34.99 (P)
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The Islamic State in Britain
Radicalization and Resilience in an Activist Network
Kenney, Michael
Published: September 2019
$31.99 (C)
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Fundamentals of Criminological and Criminal Justice Inquiry
The Science and Art of Conducting, Evaluating, and Using Research
Mears, Daniel P.
Cochran, Joshua C.
Published: April 2019
$59.99 (X)
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Maximum Likelihood for Social Science
Strategies for Analysis
Ward, Michael D.
Ahlquist, John S.
Published: November 2018
$34.99 (P)
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Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek
Revised and Expanded Edition for Updated Software
De Nooy, Wouter
Mrvar, Andrej
Batagelj, Vladimir
Published: July 2018
3rd Edition
$44.99 (P)
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Networks and Religion
Ties that Bind, Loose, Build-up, and Tear Down
Everton, Sean F.
Published: July 2018
$34.99 (P)
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Egocentric Network Analysis
Foundations, Methods, and Models
Perry, Brea L.
Pescosolido, Bernice A.
Borgatti, Stephen P.
Published: March 2018
$34.99 (P)
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Robustness Tests for Quantitative Research
Neumayer, Eric
Plümper, Thomas
Published: August 2017
$27.99 (P)
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Collecting Qualitative Data
A Practical Guide to Textual, Media and Virtual Techniques
Braun, Virginia
Clarke, Victoria
Gray, Debra
Published: October 2017
$40.99 (P)
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