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Promoting global affairs education has been an element of the Council on Foreign Relations' mission since its inception. CFR Academic connects educators and students of all ages to CFR's award-winning publications, innovative digital learning products, and acclaimed events featuring foreign policy experts for teaching and learning about international affairs. 
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Understand World Events
Explore CFR’s resources for expert perspectives on the issues and forces shaping today’s world.
The President's Inbox Episodes by Topic
With more than two hundred episodes, find topics ranging from human rights to Russia to the role of women in foreign policy.
China’s Belt and Road: Implications for the United States
CFR’s Task Force report recommends how the United States could counter China's BRI, a globe-spanning enterprise encompassing 139 countri...
COVID-19 and Its Effect on Inequality and Democracy
Josh Kurlantzick looks at why COVID-19 has worsened socioeconomic inequality and exacerbated democratic regression in five democracies.
Teach & Learn
Model Diplomacy
How can you bring hypothetical scenarios based on real issues to life in your classroom? Model Diplomacy, a free and flexible interactive program, uses role-play to demonstrate the challenges of shaping U.S. foreign policy in an interconnected world.
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CFR Podcast
Why It Matters
Stay updated on issues that affect the future with CFR's "Why It Matters" weekly podcast.
Understand how the world works—what the forces are, who the actors are, and how they interact to influence events of relevance to citizens' everyday lives. World101 offers primers on need-to-know topics.
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Course Syllabus
Introduction to International Relations
Dr. Haass’s highly readable book and easy-to-adapt syllabus will help your students gain knowledge of international history and the regions of the world, and the awareness of global issues and governance challenges that they need to make informed choices as voters and citizens.
Teaching Notes
Toxic Politics
Teaching Notes by Yanzhong Huang December 11, 2020
Nigeria and the Nation-State
Teaching Notes by John Campbell November 16, 2020
U.S. Foreign Policy
Teaching Notes by Charles A. Kupchan October 29, 2020
Teach and explore important issues of the day highlighted in CFR publications with discussion questions, essay prompts, and classroom activities developed for professors and instructors
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Join the Conversation
CFR Academic offers a range of programs for educators and students to interact with CFR experts and to join the debate on foreign policy. The purpose is to foster a deeper understanding of international relations and the role of the United States in the world.
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Academic Webinar
Race in America and International Relations
Details: Travis L. Adkins and Brenda Gayle Plummer will kick off the fall 2021 semester with a conversation on race in America and international relations.
Date and Time: Sep 15, 2021; 1:00-2:00(EDT)
Academic Webinars for Students
The CFR Academic Webinar series gives students the opportunity to speak directly with CFR fellows, Foreign Affairs authors, and other foreign policy practitioners.
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