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We encourage the media to contact our fellows directly with interview requests, using this index of CFR’s experts. Both the New York headquarters and Washington, DC, office have TV studios and dedicated ISDN lines for recording or live-broadcasting interviews with our experts.
Please direct questions to 212.434.9888 or​.
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News Releases June 10, 2021
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Roger W. Ferguson Jr. to Join CFR as Distinguished Fellow
News Releases April 26, 2021
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A/V Facilities
CFR’s New York and Washington, DC, offices are equipped with the following:
state-of-the-art television studios for recording or broadcasting interviews with CFR scholars
ISDN lines for studio-quality audio interviews
mult boxes with 16 to 24 A/V outputs for all on-the-record events
analog lines for feeding audio over a land line
waterfront lines through Ascent Media for live feeds of events and interviews
Permissions and Partnerships
Much of CFR’s analysis may be republished with appropriate attribution. You can read more about our permissions guidelines or contact To inquire about content partnerships contact​.
Global Communications and Media Relations
Lisa Shields, Vice President
Iva Zoric, Managing Director
Anya Schmemann, Washington Director
Andrew Palladino, Deputy Director
Dustin Kingsmill, Deputy Director, Digital Marketing
Jenny Mallamo, Deputy Director
Megan Daley, Associate Director, Social Media and Digital Marketing
Lauran Potter, Assistant Director
Susan Nelson, Assistant Director
Hunter Hallman, Associate Editor
Dalia Dagher, Communications Associate
Katherine Ferguson, Digital Marketing and Communications Associate
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