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What kinds of stories can I source on
Thousands of petitions are started every day on, on a wide range of issues from elevating the rights of sexual assault survivors to holding the White House accountable to taxpayers. Our communications team can help you tell timely trend stories featuring every day people, as well as more in-depth profiles of citizens who start petitions. Please sign up for our Media Newsletter for frequent updates.
How can I use to source stories?
Email us at to source stories in three key ways:
  1. Connect to the people behind the top trending petitions and find a spokesperson. Whether you’re looking for someone to comment on the story of the day or the story of the hour, we’ll search through the hundreds of petitions around that topic and find you the perfect person.
  2. Speak with our CEO Ben Rattray, one of Time’s 100 most influential people) and an expert on people power, how technology is changing the experience of civic engagement, and corporate accountability.
  3. Connect with our world-class campaigns team, featuring experts on everything from health policy to immigration. Our team members can speak broadly about the social activism trends we’re seeing on
I have written an article mentioning a petition on; can I share it with the signers of the petition?
Articles mentioning petitions on hyperlink back to the original petition page, so the article may be shared as a petition update sent to all the petition signers. Linking back to petitions are a great way to drive traffic to your article, while also amplifying exposure for the cause at hand.
How can I find a petition on a given topic?
If you’re in a time crunch, you can enter relevant keywords into our search bar and review the results. If you have slightly more time, email with what you’re looking for, and we’ll get you what you need!
How big do petitions get?
The vast majority of petitions are local or niche and don’t require a high number of signatures to win. The top 0.05% of petitions have thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands, of signatures, with a few reaching several million signatures.
Who is the average petition starter?
There is no average petition starter on Generally, petitions starters are reflective of the US population: all ethnicities, backgrounds and ages, from young children (who start petitions in partnership with their parents) to older adults.
Who uses
The communications team
Our communications team can put you in touch with petition starters and provide petition data including the most popular and fastest growing petitions.
We can provide expert comment on people power, online campaigning, and digital civic engagement. Our senior executives are also available to speak at conferences, seminars and workshops.
We are also available to meet with your editorial or production staff for an in-depth look at using for coverage. Please email, if you’re interested in hosting a presentation.
Contact the team:
Please note the following contact information is only for media requests. We will not be able to respond to support requests. If you’re looking for help with a petition or you have a support question, please visit
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