Save historic greenspace and old growth trees around the former Athens Varsity.
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David Kirslis started this petition to Fuqua Development Principal Jeff Fuqua and
As the era of The Varsity ends, Athens will see the former historic block at the corner of Milledge Ave and West Broad transform. One feature of that property are an abundance of old growth trees,  some of the oldest southern magnolias in Athens along with a variety of oaks and other native trees dating back to the 1800s. There are over 30 old growth trees marked for removal. 
We are creating a petition to show that there is a large amount of community support and interest in having that greenspace preserved . We urge the city and the Fuqua Development Company to use the ample space on the property to find a development plan that can coexist with the old growth trees along the boarders of the property. We hope this show of support can sway the Fuqua Development Company from cutting down every single old growth tree, as they have currently flagged the entirety for removal. 
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