Save historic greenspace and old growth trees around the former Athens Varsity.
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The Present
David Kirslis
Athens, GA, United States
SEP 29, 2021 — 
The trunk circumference of the massive magnolia at the former Varsity is 11 inches shy of being the largest magnolia in America. The largest is 211" according to National Register of Champion Trees in American forests. It's conceivable our Athens Magnolia tree could be the biggest in the state. This greenspace is something that should be revered and protected.
We've reviewed Fuqua prior developments and see no examples of them preserving the natural habitats of their building sites. Every project of theirs we found begins with them bulldozing the entire site into a blank slate.
However through the few conversations we've had with the company, there is room for hope. They have told us there will be a time for community input and that many more drafts must go into the works before the building begins. What we are asking is a simple request: to use the ample space on the property to find a development plan that can coexist with all the old growth trees along and near the boarders of the property. There is an opportunity for Fuqua development to make a good impression on our community and we urge them to do the right thing. 
We would like to share Part 2 of Nicole Isaac's article, the Present, she has done a vast amount of research into the situation and we appreciate her efforts. You can read it by by clicking here
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