Community Guidelines
Last updated: June 15, 2020
Community Guidelines
As an open platform, we’re committed to free speech. You’ll see an extremely wide range of petitions here, as they’ve all been created by people in the community. Anyone can use no matter who they are, where they live, and what they believe, as long as they follow some very simple rules to keep our platform as safe and as open as possible for our users. These rules apply to all content you post, including comments, profile photographs and usernames.
To help us do that we’ve put together these Community Guidelines which, along with our Terms of Service, lay out the rules for using
First, here are few things we love to see you do on
Now, here are the things we don’t like to see on, which may force us to remove content or restrict user accounts. Just so you know, “content” refers to the text and images in petitions, usernames, comments, and anything else you contribute to the platform.
As a reminder, “content” refers to the text and images in petitions, usernames, comments, and anything else you contribute to the platform. If we discover that your content violates our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, we reserve the right to remove it. If you post content that is a serious or repeated breach of the rules, we may suspend or close your account.
Please report problems!
If you come across content on indicating an emergency situation — for example, if a person is in danger — let us know, but first contact your local authorities immediately.
We have tens of thousands of petitions started on our platform each month — a number which continues to grow — and we rely on our users to report violations of the Community Guidelines.
Tell us if you see any of the ‘don’ts’ above. The best way to alert us to violations of these guidelines is to log in and click the “Report a policy violation” (below “Reasons for signing”) on petitions, or by writing to us through our Help Center. Once we receive these flags or complaints, our team will review content for policy violations.
Over 440 million people with a vast diversity of perspectives use in 196 countries. This diversity is a virtue, but it also means you’ll almost certainly find content with which you passionately disagree. We believe in the power of free speech on the Internet, which means we won’t censor content that doesn’t violate these Guidelines or our Terms of Service, even if it shocks or offends.
The most effective way to respond to content you find offensive is to start a counter-petition and mobilize others to see your perspective, rather than asking to remove content you don’t like. We see petitions on opposing sides of one issue all the time – it’s one of the many great things about being an open platform.
Thank you for being a part of, and supporting change in your community. We can’t wait to see what you’ll change next!
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