RSS feeds
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are files which can be loaded into RSS viewers, and automatically display new content from the Chatham House website.
What is RSS?
RSS feeds allow you to keep up to date with news from Chatham House without having to view every section of the website. An RSS service (or channel) consists of a list of items, each of which contains a headline, a description, and a link back to a web page on our site.
You can choose to sign up to the main feed below (What’s new?), which will stream the headlines of all new content to you, or you may prefer to receive a feed only on, for example, new event-related material. Essentially, RSS allows you to choose what you want to read and have it delivered directly to you.
How do I use RSS?
To begin using RSS, you need an RSS reader. This software, often available for free on the internet, allows you to display and subscribe to RSS feeds. Some browsers have news reader functionality already built-in.
Once you have chosen your RSS reader you can subscribe to RSS feeds by cutting and pasting the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader
Available RSS feeds
What’s new?
This global ‘What’s new?’ feed contains all the latest content from the website – news, events and publications. If you are only interested in certain information please select from the following feeds:
Please report any RSS technical issues to our digital team. If you wish to use any of these feeds on another website please see our terms and conditions.
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